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After using the digital display constant temperature magnetic agitator, please pay attention to the following operations
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:604
    •  Constant temperature magnetic agitator with digital display makes use of the property that magnetic substances repel each other like each other. It drives the magnetic agitator to rotate by constantly changing the polarity at both ends of the base. The sample is heated by the bottom temperature control plate, and the sample is heated evenly with the rotation of the magnetic agitator to reach the specified temperature. Through the regulation of heating power, the heating rate can be controlled so as to apply to a wider range of sample processing. Suitable for stirring or heating at the same time, suitable for the viscosity is not very big liquid or solid liquid mixture. Using the principle of magnetic field and whirlpool, the liquid is put into the container, and the agitator is put into the liquid at the same time. When the magnetic field is generated in the base, the agitator is driven to move in a circular circle, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid.

      Instructions for operation and maintenance of digital display constant temperature magnetic agitator:

      1. Place the test bottle containing solution and agitator on the top plate of the working face and connect the external power. First, turn on the power switch and the indicator light will be on.

      2. Insert the temperature sensor into the vessel containing solution, and select the setting temperature required to display the digital display: press SET to SET or view the setting point of temperature. Press SET key digital tube character start flashing, said the instrument into the setting state, press delta key SET value increase, press Poland key SET value decrease, long press delta key or Poland key data will change quickly, press SET key instrument back to the normal working state temperature setting finished.

      3, adjust the speed control knob, rise to the required speed.

      4, after the work, put the speed control knob in a small position of zui, heating switch, temperature control knob in a non-working state, turn off the power switch, cut off the power supply.

      5. Wipe the roof and sensor of the working face clean, and no water droplets and dirt residues are allowed on it.

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