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The magnetic agitator has gradually become the mainstream of the market
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:416
    • Magnetic stirrer by using the principle of the magnetic field and vortex after the liquid in the container, the child stir into the liquid at the same time, when the magnetic field base, drives the stirring motion into circular loop so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid, general magnetic stirrer with stirring and heating two function, among them, the mixing effect can make the reactant mixing, uniform temperature, heating effect is heated in a closed container, need to prevent bumping, for example, in the process of distillation, can join zeolite, also can use magnetic stirrer, magnetic stirrer usually apply to food, biological, pharmaceutical, and other fields. As biopharmaceutical aseptic of mixer shaft seal and risk control put forward higher request, the large capacity magnetic stirrer has become the mainstream of the market, and continue in concise, big torque and shearing force, or very low shear force and bearing material safety, easy to clean, online online sterilization in the direction of development, the large capacity magnetic stirrer easy operation, stable running, stepless can pick up speed in a wide range of speed precision stability of liquid solution mixing, especially suitable for small samples.

      Contrast and distinguish magnetic agitator and electric agitator:

      1. Electric mixer: suitable for biological, physical and chemical, cosmetics, health care products, food, reagent and other experimental fields. Is a liquid mixing and stirring laboratory equipment. The product concept design is novel, the manufacturing technology is advanced, the low speed running torque output is large, the continuous use performance is good. The drive motor adopts the series motor with large power and compact structure, which is safe and reliable in operation. Operation state control using CNC touch stepless governor, speed convenient; Digital display running speed status, data collection is correct; The output mechanism adopts multistage non-metallic gear to transfer the increasing force, the torque increases exponentially, the running state is stable, and the noise is low. Agitator bar special mill, easy to unload and flexible.

      2. Electromagnetic agitator: electromagnetic agitator is a widely used continuous casting production technology. Through the electromagnetic force generated, it can improve and eliminate the superheat of molten steel in the mold, improve the equiaxial crystal ratio of cast billet, obtain the cast billet with good solidification structure, and thus improve the performance of finished products. The essence of electromagnetic stirring is to strengthen the motion of molten steel in the liquid cavity of casting billet by virtue of the electromagnetic force induced in the liquid cavity of casting billet, thus strengthening the convection, heat transfer and mass transfer process of molten steel, and thus controlling the solidification process of casting billet.

      The essence of electromagnetic agitator is to strengthen the motion of molten steel by virtue of the electromagnetic force induced in the cavity of molten steel. Specifically, the alternating magnetic field excited by the agitator penetrates into the molten steel of the casting billet and induces a current in it. The induced current interacts with the local magnetic field to generate electromagnetic force, which is a volumetric force acting on the volume element of molten steel and thus can push the molten steel to move.

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