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What is the difference between nanometer heating technology and traditional heating technology
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:426
    • Nanometer laboratory heating plate will not produce magnetic field interference, improve the use of the environment, no harm to the surrounding and human body, and the use of innovative glass heating plate, can provide different types of heating (high temperature) and constant temperature (low temperature) requirements, and in many applications excellent performance, can achieve higher energy efficiency. Compared with the traditional way of heating, nano heating technology has great advantages, next small make up for you to distinguish.

      1. Material consumption: less than 1 gram of nanometer raw material is required for nanometer heating; The traditional heating process USES up to a kilogram of metal.

      2. Energy saving: the heating speed of nanometer heating can reach 5-20℃/S, with over 99% dynamic heat transfer energy efficiency and 90% static energy efficiency; Traditional heating mode electromagnetic heating: 75%-85% energy efficiency.

      3. Renewable energy and direct current: nanometer heating with ultra-low resistance can be driven by dc power and can be made into portable heater; Traditional heating resistance is high, not easy to make portable heater.

      4. Application scope: nano heating technology is widely applicable to medical, laboratory, military equipment, auto and aerospace fields; Conventional heating is not suitable for electromagnetic free environments.

      Nanoheat technology is a multi-layer heating plate heated by the original parts with nanometer thickness (one meter is equal to 109 nanometers), which can use ac or dc power to achieve fast and heating function. Nanometer heating element is formed by coating nanometer heating material on microcrystalline ceramic plate and attaching electrode. Laboratory heating plate adopts nano thermal technology, no mechanical heating components, can be dry, no electromagnetic interference and harm, speed up to 5 ℃ for only 1 seconds, only a few minutes reach 400 degrees, greatly improve the working efficiency, is widely used in agriculture, soil and environmental protection, food, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities such as laboratory experiment. It can also be used for sample heating, baking, digestion and acid driving.

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