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Electric heating board in the industry shine because of its superior performance
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:683
    • Today, electric heating plate replacement fast, with the modern technology of fast development is inseparable, modern machinery for automation and high precision requirements, therefore a high degree of automation machinery products, electric heating plate can get good sales in the market, so the electric heating plate, when you go to the development of automation will be fond of the market, and join the automation application of electric heating plate will be occupied domestic market of electric heating plate is necessary conditions. In addition, some common products, such as good quality, low price, these are the basic conditions for electric heating plate to occupy the market. As a high quality product, the electric heating board is an equipment that USES electric thermal alloy wire as heating material, mica flexible board as insulation material, and outsourcing thin metal board (aluminum board, stainless steel board, etc.) for heating. Typical applications are electric thermos bottles. Metal tubular heating elements are cast in aluminum plates or plates or welded or embedded on aluminum plates or plates to form electric heating plates or plates of various shapes. Typical applications such as electric rice cooker, electric iron, electric coffee pot and so on.

      The shell of electric heating plate is made of cold-rolled plate, and the surface is made of electrostatic spraying process. The heating plate is made of high quality ceramic materials, and the temperature is automatically controlled by temperature setting. The digital display features large heating area, fast heating, even temperature, accurate temperature control, time and effort saving. The heating surface is made of high quality ceramic material, which is resistant to corrosion, aging, strong and durable, safe and reliable. The model is novel and beautiful, the operation is simple, the use effect is good, many times cold heat alternating test does not crack.

      As a kind of modified and purified carbon crystal particle heating product, the electric heating plate has been greatly improved and improved in heating uniformity, fire resistance, safety, weather resistance, electric heating conversion efficiency and infrared radiation rate. Carbon crystal low-temperature radiant heating system makes full use of the excellent plane heating characteristics of carbon crystal electric heating plate. During heating, the whole plane heats up synchronously, providing continuous heating and achieving a good heat balance effect on the wall, which is better than other heating methods such as water heating, air conditioning and heating cable.

      The superior performance of electric heating board makes its market bigger and bigger. For consumers, how to choose high-quality electric heating board has become a problem to be considered. Then, what should we pay attention to when buying?

      1, the choose and buy the products of the famous enterprises, these enterprises better product quality, with reliable service protection, product the arrival of the goods need to check the product identification, product specification, type and trademark should be consistent with the specification, shall have the national compulsory certification marks (3 c), the name of the manufacturing enterprise, the product the factory inspection certificates, implement standard code and other information.

      2, the use of the heating room, should have a certain insulation conditions, should not be too large vent, use should not open doors and Windows, so as to avoid excessive heat loss. Do not allow water and other liquids to run over the heater, which can cause heating element damage, short circuits and leakage. If direct directional heating of human body or local space is required, radiant heater can be selected; if the whole indoor space needs to be heated, convection heater can be selected.

      3. Bath bar with tungsten filament bulb (or alloy heating wire) as heat source, quartz tube heater and halogen tube heater are visible radiant heaters, which produce bright and bright light and cause unnecessary light pollution during work, affecting sleep at night, and should not be used in the bedroom; Because quartz, halogen glass tube is heated when encountering cold water easy to burst, it should not be used in the bathroom.

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