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Application of electric heating in auto design
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:264
    • Application of electric heating in auto design

      As at present, the development of the automotive industry, people in addition to the pursuit of its convenience, also puts forward higher requirements on its comfort, especially on the operation of the steering wheel, in recent years, along with electrical heating cushion gradually promotion and application, electrical heating steering wheel also gradually into everyone's eyes, and as a car manufacturer, has been in new technology and new way, in order to improve the steering wheel are comfortable to meet our customers' expectations.

      Electric heating principle of the wheel is to rely on the resistance wire heating, usually is the wheel inside cushion package by a layer of resistance wire, below the power cord through the steering wheel and the part of the shaft is connected to power a resistance wire, and most of the models with the steering wheel heater are key to the steering wheel at 3 and 9 o 'clock, is holding area heating, simplifies the technology already so, and save the cost. The steering wheel heating configuration, which can basically restore the steering wheel to the normal temperature within half a minute, is very convenient, but it is not as popular as seat heating configuration in many models, most of the models with steering wheel heating are expensive, and it is only available in high-equipped models.

      Steering wheel heating refers to the control of turning on or off via the heating button on the steering wheel (this button is distributed around the steering wheel or on the center console). This feature allows drivers to handle the steering wheel in cold weather without feeling cold and uncomfortable. Drivers' hands are not flexible due to the cold, which will have a great impact on the safety of driving. Most people either add steering wheel cover or wear gloves, which will pose a great safety risk in the daily driving process. Electric heating of the steering wheel can provide a continuous heat flow for the driver's hands, so that the driver is no longer rigid hands driving, is a very user-friendly configuration.

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