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There are three basic ways of heat transfer in electric heating plates
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:219
    • There are three basic ways of heat transfer in electric heating plates

      The electrothermal plate is widely used for sample baking, drying and other temperature tests, which is an essential tool for biological, genetic, medical and health, environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, education and scientific research. The heating plate is made of S=8mm thick stainless steel plate or cast iron, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion technology.

      There are three basic ways of heat transfer: heat conduction, convection and radiation. The stainless steel electric heating plate generates far infrared ray after electrification, which transfers energy indoors in this way. In addition, the heating plate itself will generate heat. As a planar heating material, it forms a large thermal conductivity surface of zui with the heated body and has little thermal resistance, so the heat can be quickly transferred to the heated body by the heating plate. And because of this way of heating thermal conductivity is good, so the stainless steel heating plate temperature is not high.

      Introduction to the use and maintenance of electric heating plate:

      1, the SET temperature, press SET button to SET temperature, press SET key discharge digital tube data flashing doubts (normal temperature), said the instrument enter into the state of temperature setting, press delta value increase, press the del key value decreases, and continue to press to increase or reduce key value will change quickly, and then press the SET key instrument back to normal working condition temperature setting is completed.

      2. Correction of sensor error: when confirming that the value displayed by the electric heating plate is not the correct measurement value, the displayed value can be corrected. Press SET for 3 seconds to enter the instrument inner menu, select parameters SC with delta or Poland keys can modify this parameter. The error correction range of stainless steel heating plate sensor is from +50 to -50. After the correction is completed, press SET for 3 seconds to exit. Stainless steel electric heating plate meter factory correction value is 0, use to prevent the display of the correct instrument is not correct.

      3. The electric heating plate should not be used as an electric stove to boil water, etc.

      4. When the electric heating plate is in working state, the stainless steel electric heating plate shall be taken care of by a special person. Do not touch the surface of the table to prevent burns.

      5. Cut off the electric heating plate power when the work is finished.

      More information about electric heating plate, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!

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