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Selection and design of magnetic agitator head material
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:228
    • Selection and design of magnetic agitator head material

      Magnetic stirrer with the principle of the magnetic field is the same, opposites attract, using magnetic drive placed in a container with a magnetic stirring for circular operation, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid, especially suitable for when the reaction amount less or in the case of reaction is in an airtight conditions, the use of magnetic stirrer is more convenient, can according to the requirements of the specific experiments heating and temperature control sample, temperature conditions necessary to sustain the experimental condition, ensure liquid mixed experimental requirements. However, the disadvantage is that for some viscous liquid or a large number of solid reactions, the magnetic agitator cannot be successfully used, at this time, mechanical agitator should be used as the stirring power. Magnetic agitator is an instrument that USES magnetic force to stir liquid evenly. It has two functions for liquid. One is agitation. The magnetic field generated by the base drives the agitator to move in a circular motion to make the liquid mix evenly; the other is heating. Magnetic agitator has been widely used because of its high efficiency and easy to carry.

      The design of the head, the connection between the head and the bearing, and the gap between the head and the bearing are directly related to the effect of CIP/SIP. Generally, the more open the head is, the better. Turn material is 316 l stainless steel, inner BaoYong magnets, zui commonly used bearing material is silicon carbide ceramic, completely inert, suitable for pH1 ~ 14, small thermal expansion, under the condition of the water lubrication, can tolerate up to 5000 ~ 6000 RPM speed don't wear, because the working status of magnetic stirrer, is completely immersed in the solution, the existence of the lubrication slot can make the solution through, so that the friction interface is covered by water membrane, in rotates, the friction is very small, there will be no detectable particles, the final product will not pose a threat. In addition, the part of the magnetic stirrer installed often located at the bottom of the tank bottom inclined, according to the manufacturer's installation guide for assembly, location and manhole/hand Kong Zheng at the bottom of the tank, to avoid the tank bottom valve installation position, so design, vortex and turbulence can be formed, so as to achieve a better mixing effect, experts have made on this experiment, a specific parameter for reference, of course, this also and higher ratio of tanks, solution properties, viscosity, stirring speed and blender matches and other factors.

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