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How does domestic electric heating board enterprise break through technical barrier
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:224
    • How does domestic electric heating board enterprise break through technical barrier

      The heating material of the electric heating plate is the electrothermal alloy wire, and its working principle is very simple, which is the basic electrothermal effect. When the electric current passes through the electrothermal alloy wire, the electrothermal alloy wire will generate heat, convert electric energy into heat energy, and conduct it to the outer shell. The electric heating plate is designed with insulation material to ensure that the current of the electric heating wire will not cause safety hazards to the user. Electric heating board has many advantages, so it has been widely used in production and life, from common ground heating, electric water bottle, to the temperature maintenance of laboratory environment. At present, electric heating plate has been widely used in industry, agriculture, civil, national defense, science and technology, medical and health and other fields.

      Experiments show: the resistance tolerance, current under the condition of equal, the longer you live, the more the heat generated by the current, according to the conductor, electric heating element can be divided into the following kinds: metal electric wire electric heating element (0-700 degrees), the PTC type electric heating element (since the limit temperature, temperature control) and the electrothermal type electric heating element (metal type and spray type). Generally, the technology of metal heating wire heating element in China has reached the international standard, and has created a lot of foreign exchange income for our country. However, due to the temperature limitation of PTC type and the pollution problem of its production, the production of electric heat film heating element has been unable to be solved, and it is restricted by many restrictions and cannot be developed rapidly.

      According to the different temperatures: low-temperature type (zui high 100 degrees, often used for liquid heating, such as water), medium temperature type (100-500 degrees, often used for electric furnace, baking equipment), high temperature type (500-1100 degrees, often used for high temperature furnace, ultra-high temperature type (1100-1300 degrees, often used for test equipment, special occasions heating furnace).

      Although the electric heating technology in China has made great progress, the high service temperature of conventional heating element zui in China is mostly within 500 degrees, and the service life is very short after exceeding 500 degrees.

      Due to technical barriers, the advanced manufacturing technology of ultra-high temperature heating elements is still vacant in China, and the technology is still in the hands of foreign heating manufacturers, who need to make efforts to overcome difficulties.

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