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The influence of supply and demand on the price of heating magnetic agitator
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:241
    • The influence of supply and demand on the price of heating magnetic agitator

      Heating magnetic stirrer used for heating or heating mixing simultaneously, used in liquid viscosity is not very big, or solid-liquid mixture, using the principle of the magnetic field and vortex, after the liquid in the container, the child stir into the liquid at the same time, when the magnetic field base, drives the stirring motion into circular magnetic field cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid.

      Heating magnetic agitator is improved on the basis of magnetic heating agitator. Two-way stirring function, automatic conversion, complete mixing, stepless speed regulation, simple operation, can be in a wide range of speed for liquid solution precise and stable stirring, especially suitable for stirring small size of samples, is the petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and health, environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, education and scientific research essential tools.

      There are many factors that determine the price of heating magnetic agitator, among which zui is the key one, including national policy, competitor relationship, supply and demand relationship and product cost, among which:

      1. National policy: the price of heating magnetic stirrer should also comply with some national regulations. If your product is exported, there are many taxes to be considered.

      2, competitors relationship: heating magnetic stirrer is a common laboratory products, still have very good market prospect, so many businessmen have engaged in this industry, created a market competition, and some businesses want to have the opportunity to occupy zui good advantage in the industry, have the opportunity to attract more customers to choose, so also by lowering the price.

      3. Supply and demand relationship: supply and demand relationship is a key factor affecting manufacturers' commodity pricing. Generally speaking, when the supply of goods is less than the demand, the manufacturer's product price may be higher, on the contrary, it may be lower; At the same time of supply and purchase, the selling price of magnetic agitators in the operation and sale of the factory is mostly the "equilibrium price" that both parties can afford. In addition, in the relationship of supply and demand, manufacturers' commodity pricing is also affected by the elasticity of supply and purchase.

      4. Cost: commodity value is the basis of determining commodity price. The value of the good consists of C+V+M. C+V is the value of materialized labor transfer and the value created by laborers for themselves in the production process. M is the value that workers create for society. Clearly, the cost of production is a key factor in determining commodity prices.

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