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The performance of carbon crystal heating plate has been improved in many aspects
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:223
    • The performance of carbon crystal heating plate has been improved in many aspects

      Common on the market of electric heating plate has a stainless steel electric heating board, ceramic electric heating board, silicone rubber, electric heating plate, carbon crystal heating plate and carbon fiber electric heating board, electric heating plate is no clear classification at present, the main difference is the outer shell material of different or inner heating materials, such as stainless steel electrothermal board and ceramic electric heating plate belongs to the shell material is different, the rest of the several kinds of materials for fever. Next small make up for you to briefly introduce the relevant information about carbon crystal heating plate.

      As a modified and purified carbon crystal particle heating product, carbon crystal heating plate has been greatly improved and improved in heating uniformity, fire resistance, safety, weather resistance, heat conversion efficiency and infrared radiation rate, etc. compared with ordinary heating products, and has the following four advantages:

      1. Economy: the product heats up rapidly and generates heat quickly. It can be heated by electrifying for 5 minutes. Due to household, chamber heating, can adjust at will according to the needs of the temperature and the room temperature, can also save operation cost, a heating season, construction area of 100 square meters of the cost of national standards for residential use no more than 2000 yuan, daily operation cost is a third of the air conditioning, plumbing and heating cable is less than half, is a real can afford, a new type of heating with affordable products; With high thermal efficiency, it is a product with high electrothermal conversion rate zui, which is up to 98%. The system is highly efficient. When the room temperature is set at 16 ° c, the heating effect of 18 ° c can be achieved. Each degree reduction of room temperature can save 5% of energy.

      2. Comfort: the carbon crystal low-temperature radiant heating system is a product with far infrared low-temperature radiation as the main mode of energy transfer. The experiment proves that the human body is in the low-temperature radiation environment, just like in the sunlight, the sense temperature of the human body is higher than the indoor air temperature of 2-3 , thus improving the comfort level of the living environment. At the same time, under the condition of low temperature radiation, the convection velocity of indoor air is greatly reduced, so that indoor dust is reduced, no noise, no cold point and hot point, temperature balance, so that the human body has no sense of dryness, the temperature is soft like bathing in sunshine.

      3. Simple installation and beautiful design: carbon crystal heating board is designed and produced with the international advanced modularization concept, with reasonable structure and convenient installation. Heating areas can be arranged according to your preferences, including installation, control and heating in different zones. Flexible combination, can be installed in any way combination, no zui small installation area requirements; This system is installed on the wall or the ground, does not occupy the indoor use space, and can play the decoration and the artistic effect; The system does not require maintenance, saving maintenance and operating costs of other heating methods.

      4, safe and reliable, long service life: carbon crystal heating plate production in accordance with GB/T 4654-2008 standard, and through the national infrared and industrial electric products quality supervision and inspection center, and related the general requirements for safety of household and similar electrical GB4706.1-2005, the "household and similar electrical safety special requirements of indoor heater GB4706.23-2007 standard test. High insulation strength, flame retardant, waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion resistant, maintenance-free, service life of more than 100,000 hours.

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