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The performance of electric heating board is more stable than similar products
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:237
    • The performance of electric heating board is more stable than similar products

      Electric hot plate made of a special process high temperature state without buckling deformation, has the structure shape and beautiful, stable performance, fast heating and cooling uniformity, less power consumption, long service life, insulation performance is good, resistance to high pressure etc., widely used in the sample of the baking, drying, and make other temperature experiments, is genetic, biological, pharmaceutical and health care, environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, an essential tool for teaching and scientific research, but also can be used in home appliances, metallurgy, chemical industry, plastic processing, electrical heating.

      The reason why the heating plate can rapidly heat up the space lies in that its 99% electric energy input is effectively converted into over 65% far-infrared radiant energy and over 30% convective heat energy.

      1. Convection heating: due to the absorption of far-infrared energy by the surface material of the electric heating plate, after 5-10 minutes, the thermal balance between the heating body and the surface heat storage layer reaches, and the heat storage layer slowly transfers the heat energy to the indoor air close to the wall. The stainless steel electric heating plate is affected by the thermal principle of "hot air is light, cold air is heavy". The air close to the wall gradually rises after being heated, and the cold air is constantly added to the wall to be heated up. In this cycle, the vertical convection of the zui final air drives the increase of indoor environment temperature.

      2. Far infrared radiation heating: under the action of electric field, the electric heating plate will radiate a large amount of far infrared with wavelength of 8--15u. After receiving far infrared ray, the energy is absorbed and converted to heat energy, making the temperature of the receptor rise. This heating environment, so that the electric thermostatic air drying oven thermal sensation enhanced, this is because the far infrared ray directly to the human body, compensate for the human body surface heat dissipation. The far infrared ray of the electric heating plate reaches the wall and other enclosure structures, which can rapidly heat up the wall and enclosure structures. The heating speed is faster than the heat transfer of air, making the environment temperature more balanced.

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