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Ceramic heating plates are lighter than traditional ones
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:209
    • Ceramic heating plates are lighter than traditional ones

      Ceramic heating plate USES electrothermal alloy wire as heating material, mica flexible plate as insulation material, and outsourcing metal plate and other equipment for sample heating treatment, all of which use metal as material. This may lead to the inversion of the instrument's service life is not long enough, and it will be rusted and scrapped.

      Performance analysis of ceramic heating plate:

      First of all, the ceramic heating plate body is thin. Compared with the traditional heating plate, it is light and light. It can be said that it is a version of ceramic heating plate laboratory.

      Glass ceramic mesa is also a highlight, it USES glass ceramic material developed, no longer need alloy, not affected by metal rust; In addition, this material has high temperature resistance and no long rust; Wear resistance, long life, smooth and easy to clean surface, it can be seen that this new material is far more than alloy properties.

      Ceramic heating plate adopts large area panel design, which is convenient for batch sample heating. Greatly saves time and cost.

      The control mode adopts separate design, and the controller is safe and easy to operate.

      Platinum resistance temperature control, rapid heating, uniform heating, zui high temperature up to 400.

      Large screen LCD display.

      With the display of heat alarm (when the surface temperature of heating table exceeds 50, the big warning light becomes red warning), it is safer.

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