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Three kinds of common heating plates are introduced
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:182
    • Three kinds of common heating plates are introduced

      The principle of the heating plate is that the high frequency high frequency current flow direction is made into a ring or other shape of the ring (usually made of copper tube). Thus, a strong magnetic beam with instantaneous changes in polarity will be generated in the coil. If heated objects such as metals are placed in the coil, the magnetic beam will run through the heated object. In the interior of the heated object, the direction opposite to the heating current will generate a large eddy current corresponding to it. Because there is resistance in the heated object, a lot of joule heat is generated, causing the object's own temperature to rise rapidly. To achieve the purpose of heating all metal materials.

      1, stainless steel heating plate profile: stainless steel heating plate use mica plate, mica sheet) good insulation performance and its high temperature resistance, it with mica plate (sheet) for the skeleton and insulating layer, supplemented by galvanized sheet or stainless steel plate as a support for protection, but make it plate, sheet, cylindrical, cone, cylinder, circle etc. Various type of heater, normal surface load 2.5 3 w, can heat resistance 500 .

      2. Ceramic heating plate: ceramic heating plate is widely used in light, heavy industry and household electric heating appliances. Ceramic package compound electric heater can be made into round rod shape, plate shape, tube shape, arc shape and other shapes. It looks and feels like ordinary daily porcelain, but it is embedded with electric heating wire. Due to the ceramic material has a good electrical insulation performance at the working temperature, so the surface does not live, the leakage current is small, safe and reliable.

      3, cast aluminum, cast copper heating plate: cast aluminum, cast copper electric heating plate can be divided into die casting and casting casting, in more specifications, size occasions, generally using casting technology. High purity aluminum blocks and copper blocks are used in casting production, which are changed from solid to liquid state by high temperature furnace, and then injected into the mold which has already been installed with heating tube, which is cooled and formed, and then processed into fine processing.

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