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Electric leakage should be avoided in constant temperature magnetic agitator
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:497
    • Electric leakage should be avoided in constant temperature magnetic agitator

      For the constant temperature magnetic stirrer, the working state of the agitator will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment in the later period, and there are many factors that affect the working state of the constant temperature magnetic stirrer. The following small series will introduce to you briefly.

      1. Influence of high temperature on agitator in constant temperature magnetic agitator. The agitator commonly used at present will gradually demagnetize at high temperature, so it should be confirmed whether it has enough magnetism after being used for a period of time.

      2. Shape of bottom of thermostatic magnetic agitator container. The circular bottom container has convergence effect on the small agitator and makes it more stable in rotation. Because the flat bottom container has no such function, the small agitator is prone to revolution while rotating.

      3. Whether the bottom surface of flat bottom container is flat or not it is obvious that uneven bottom surface will lead to revolution.

      4. The relationship between the amount of solution and the length of agitator. For small capacity, use small agitator. For large capacity, use large agitator.

      5. Shape of agitator in constant temperature magnetic stirrer. Generally speaking, the smaller the contact area between the agitator and the bottom of the container, the better, because the friction between the agitator and the container is small, but the agitator itself is required to have a high degree of balance. Large contact area is good for stability, so the two should be considered in balance.

      Key points in the practical application of constant temperature magnetic agitator:

      1. If stirrer beats or does not stir, please cut off the power to check whether the current voltage is between 220±10V. The speed regulation is gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed.

      2. Thermostatic magnetic agitator is generally capable of long-term heating, but it is necessary to ensure that the setting has been set on the digital display governor and meets the requirements of the experimental process.

      3. If electric leakage is found after long use, please check whether the heating porcelain tube is damaged, because the heating wire is 220V straight, or check whether the collision causes the circuit and insulation tube to fall off. If you don't understand the electrical principle, please forbid disassembling and repairing, and inform the factory to repair.

      More information about constant temperature magnetic agitator, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!

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