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Analysis of the four main problems in the use of thermostatic heating sleeve
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:494
    • Analysis of the four main problems in the use of thermostatic heating sleeve

      The thermostatic heating sleeve is characterized by fast temperature rise, high temperature, easy operation and durability. It is an ideal zui instrument for temperature control heating test. The shell of the equipment is disposable injection molding, and the upper cover adopts electrostatic spraying technology. Temperature control adopts computer chip as the main control unit, adopts multiple digital filtering circuit, fuzzy PID control algorithm, with high measurement accuracy, low impact temperature, single key light touch operation, dual screen display, internal and external thermocouple temperature measurement, thyristor control output, 160-240v wide voltage supply, and protection function of broken couple.

      As for the use of thermostatic heating sleeve, operators need to understand the following questions:

      1. Can the flask touch the heating wall? Will there be thermal imbalance?

      Yes, we often heat distillation in electric heat jacket, but the temperature is not more than 180 degrees, there should be uneven heating problem, after all, not a water bath.

      2. There is an electric heating set in the laboratory. It has been used for more than a year, but it is no longer heated. (electrical heating casing maintenance)

      Most fuses fail. Change the fuse. If the heating wire is broken, replace it with a new one. You can buy a new one with the cost of fixing it.

      3. How to use the electric heat jacket voltage to control the reaction temperature, such as how many volts is appropriate to control the voltage at 110 degrees?

      The thermocouple monitors the temperature of the heating device, and then gives the thermostat a signal (comparing the actual temperature with the set temperature), and then the thermostat gives the solid-state relay voltage to turn on the relay to heat up from the heating device. When the thermocouple is monitored to the same temperature as the set temperature, the relay stops working. Realize electric heat jacket temperature control.

      4. During the heating process, the bottom of the electric heating set smokes and burns black. What's the reason?

      The temperature is not too high, it should be able to heat to more than three hundred degrees. Blackening means the furnace wire is leaking. Be careful.

      More information about thermostatic heating sets, welcome to continue to pay attention to the

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