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When heating magnetic agitator, attention should be paid to demagnetization
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:458
    • When heating magnetic agitator, attention should be paid to demagnetization

      The magnetic agitator is heated by virtue of the property that magnetic substances repel each other, and the magnetic agitator rotates by constantly changing the polarity at both ends of the base. Therefore, the magnetic agitator is very important for magnetic agitator to display. Therefore, we should avoid demagnetization of magnetic agitator in daily use. The so-called demagnetization refers to the phenomenon of weakening magnetic force caused by improper use. When heating the magnetic agitator, if the temperature is too high, the magnetic force will be extremely easy to demagnetization. This seriously affects the service life of magnetic agitator. The actual rotating speed of heating magnetic agitator depends on the actual load and voltage, and the fluctuation of voltage within the permissible range and the change of the viscosity of the treated medium will cause the fluctuation of rotating speed. The speed of the motor can be adjusted according to the requirements of the experiment.

      The following requirements should be paid attention to in the use of heating magnetic agitator:

      1. It shall not be used to stir explosive substances in dangerous environment or use instruments in underwater operations.

      2. It shall be ensured that only personnel with relevant training can use the instrument.

      3. Avoid the instrument power cord from touching the chassis.

      4. Wear appropriate protective equipment according to the type of treatment medium.

      5. The heated magnetic agitator cannot be used for indoor treatment of explosive media. The instrument should be placed on a table that is not flammable or fireproof.

      6, pay attention to the magnetic field! Consider the influence of magnetic field on the surrounding environment, such as data storage and cardiac pacemaker.

      7. Be careful of high temperature. When the magnetic agitator is heated, the dish surface temperature zui can reach several hundred degrees Celsius.

      8. When heated and cooled, a slight sound may be made as a result of the expansion of matter.

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