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Heating plate in the production process should be paid attention to
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:512
    • The use of multipoint magnetic agitator should be "regulated"

      When using multi-point magnetic agitator, the operator should check whether the accessories are complete, such as agitator, power cord, etc. Speed adjustment should be gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed. Zui should not start directly in high speed, so as not to cause pulsation due to unsynchronized mixing. Do not stir can not be heated, do not work should be cut off the power supply; The instrument should be kept clean and dry, especially do not let solution into the machine; If the stirrer beats or does not stir during stirring, please check whether the beaker is stable and the position is correct. Zui can be connected to ground wire when multi-point magnetic agitator is used.

      The operation of multi-point magnetic agitator should follow the relevant instructions and strictly follow the steps in the manual. The specific steps are as follows:

      1. Place multipoint magnetic stirrer into a beaker containing solution.

      2. Put the beaker on the heating plate and insert the sensor element.

      3. Turn on the power, adjust the heating speed and start stirring.

      4. When stirring, adjust the speed control button slowly. Too fast adjustment will make the stirring rotor jump out of the magnetic steel force. Should quickly turn the knob to the stop position, wait for the agitator to be stationary, slowly rise the speed of stirring, gradually stable rise the speed. At room temperature, t Heating plate in the production process should be paid attention to

      Heating plate is a kind of electric heating plate after electrification, which has no electricity and no flame, the shape is round or square, safe and reliable, because it mainly relies on heat conduction, so the thermal efficiency is high. From the current market, there are four kinds of common heating plate, they are: thin shell type, cast plate type, tube shaped piece and tube shaped piece cast plate type, each of the different heating plate has its own different characteristics and advantages, next small make up simply for you to introduce.

      1. Cast plate heating plate: the structure of cast plate heating plate is the same as that of thin shell heating plate, except that the plate surface is a metal casting piece, so the strength is large and the plate surface is not easy to deform. At present, most of China adopts this structure. Tubular element heating plate is a heating plate formed by bending the tubular metal heating element into a plane spiral involute. This kind of tubular metal heating element is a semicircular section with a flat surface. Such a section makes a larger heat transfer surface between the heating plate and the bottom of the cooking pot, so as to improve the thermal efficiency.

      2. Tubular element cast plate heating plate: the tubular element cast plate heating plate is a complete heating plate made of si-al alloy or si-cu alloy after bending into the shape of 1 ~ 5 rings with common metal tubular heating element. Compared with tubular element heating plate, it has a larger effective heat transfer surface with the bottom of the pot. This kind of structure has big mechanical strength, long life and high thermal efficiency, which is especially suitable for ships, vehicles and other vibrating environments.

      3. Thin shell heating plate: thin shell electric heating plate is embedded with spiral electric heating wire in the shell formed by metal sheet stamping. Between the spiral electric heating wire and the metal shell is filled with thermal conductivity and insulation filler. This kind of metal thin shell type structure is simple, the price is cheap, but the plate surface is easy to deform, after long time use the thermal efficiency has the decline phenomenon, therefore generally makes the 800W below the small power electric heating plate.

      We know that each kind of electric heating plate is not the same, so for heating plate production, we should pay more attention to some. For example, when making a thin shell type hot plate, we should pay attention to the heat conduction and the packing material of the insulation. After the use of the heating plate long schedule, its thermal efficiency will decline, so generally made of 800W under the small power of the heating plate can be.he viscosity of the liquid, often poor thermal conductivity, heating stirring, should not be rapidly warming, lest the vessel rupture. Take full advantage of the thermostat, gradually step by step temperature rise, and sensor elements must be inserted into the outer water jacket.

      5. To measure the temperature in the container, slowly turn the thermostat to lower the red temperature indicator, and when the red light is on, the temperature indicated by the red label is the temperature of the liquid inserted in the measuring element.

      More information about multipoint magnetic agitator, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!

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