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An effective way to prolong the service life of heated magnetic agitator
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:486
    • An effective way to prolong the service life of heated magnetic agitator

      Like other equipment, in order to ensure the use efficiency of heating magnetic stirrer and effectively improve the service life of heating magnetic stirrer, we need to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance, among which:

      1. Clean the mixing shaft and check whether the rolling direction of the mixing shaft rotates clockwise and no rotation is allowed.

      2. Check whether all inlet and outlet valves of the reactor are available. If there is any problem, it is necessary to deal with it in time.

      3. Check whether there are cracks, deformation, bulge, perforation, corrosion, leakage and other scenes in the reactor body, whether the insulation, paint and other conditions are intact, whether there is a drop, burning.

      4. Listen to whether the sound of reducer and motor is normal, and feel the starting temperature of reducer, motor, frame bearing and other parts.

      5, check the safety valve, explosion-proof film, pressure gauge, thermometer and other safety equipment is accurate and sensitive to use, safety valve, pressure gauge is checked, and the lead seal is missing, the red line of the pressure gauge is right, explosion proof film is not inside leakage.

      In addition, in daily use, we should also pay attention to the operating environment and methods of heating the magnetic agitator, in which:

      1. It is necessary to heat the magnetic agitator firmly to the ground to ensure the safety of equipment and person.

      2. When mixing, adjust the speed control button gradually. Too fast adjustment will make the mixing rotor jump out of the magnetic steel force. Should be agile to stop the knob, to be mixing child stop, gradually rise speed mixing, level by level safe rise speed.

      3. If liquid falls on the aluminum plate outside the heating plate, it will corrode the plate surface or generate heat and gas, which will affect the heating element and the motor. Please turn off the power immediately to eliminate it.

      4, at room temperature viscosity of the liquid, often poor heat transfer function (such as epoxy resin), heating and mixing, should not be rapid heating, to avoid the container rupture. Make full use of the constant temperature equipment, gradually step up the temperature, and the sensor element must be thrust into the outer water jacket.

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