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Nanometer laboratory heating plate is not harmful to the surrounding and human body
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:504
    • Nanometer laboratory heating plate is not harmful to the surrounding and human body

      Nanotechnology laboratory heating plate using nanoscale thermal technology, no mechanical heater parts, no magnetic interference, but dry, quick heating, energy conservation, environmental protection, mesa using microcrystalline glass ceramic, acid and alkali resistant, easy cleaning, is widely used in the production, scientific research and experiment, etc, especially in the manufacturing of single crystal and the transistor, the mechanical parts and surface hardening, ferroalloy smelting and the manufacture of artificial graphite, etc., all USES electric heating mode.

      Nanotechnology laboratory heating plate of high frequency high frequency large current flows to be made around the circular or other shape of circle, thus produce polarity in the coil and the instant change of strong magnetic bundle, such as the metal is heated objects placed in a coil, a magnetic beam will through the whole heated objects, in the interior of the heated object and heating current in the opposite direction, will produce relatively large eddy current. Because there is resistance in the heated object, a lot of joule heat is generated, causing the object's own temperature to rise rapidly.

      The heating plate of nanometer laboratory is made of glass and ceramic with good chemical stability, which has the effect of safe heating and constant temperature control. The heating plate which is widely used in laboratory has a high safety system, including fixed safety circuit, overheat display and error display. The heating plate can also be equipped with a contact electronic thermometer, which can achieve high precision temperature control effect. Functionality, safety and durability are the three main characteristics of laboratory heating plates.

      The product advantages and features of nanometer laboratory heating plate are briefly described:

      1. Dynamic heat transfer, over 99% energy efficiency, while static heat transfer, over 90% energy efficiency (compared to -75-85% for electromagnetic heating and -65-75% for metallic radiant

      2. disks, data obtained from doe reports).

      2. The innovative glass heating plate can provide different types of heating (high temperature) and constant heating (low temperature) requirements, and performs well in many applications to achieve higher energy efficiency.

      3, will not produce magnetic field interference, improve the use of the environment, no harm to the surrounding and human body.

      4, ultra-low resistance, can use batteries and dc power source heating, the sun can use renewable energy.

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