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Nanolab heating plates are easier to clean
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:515
    • Nanolab heating plates are easier to clean

      The nanometer laboratory heating plate can maintain the temperature distribution of the heated object as needed. Electric heating can generate heat directly in the heated object, so the thermal efficiency is high and the heating rate is fast. According to the technical requirements of heating, uniform heating or partial heating (including surface heating) can be achieved. It is easy to achieve vacuum heating and control atmosphere heating. In the process of electric heating, there is little waste gas, residue and smoke, which can keep the heated object clean and do not pollute the environment. Therefore, electric heating is widely used in the fields of production, scientific research and experiment. Electric heating is used especially in the manufacture of single crystal and transistor, mechanical parts and surface quenching, smelting of ferroalloy and manufacture of artificial graphite.

      The technical indicators of nanometer laboratory heating plate mainly include the following four aspects:

      1. Adjustable temperature: the surface temperature of the heating board in the nanometer laboratory should be able to meet the requirements of various operating temperatures. For example, boiling and boiling cooking requires a temperature of 100 while frying requires 140 ~ 180. It is too low to reach the requirement of frying the food until brown, while too high to carbonize the cooking oil. Therefore, the board temperature zui can be adjusted within the range of 120 ~ 350.

      2. High thermal efficiency, energy saving and low cost: the international trend is to increase the electric power of the electric heating plate to reduce the mass of the heat storage body, so as to increase the power without increasing the electricity consumption. With high power and small heat storage body, the thermal inertia is small. Therefore, the heating speed is fast, cooking or heating speed is fast, and the thermal efficiency is high. The electric energy consumption of users is reduced instead. For the manufacturer, smaller heat storage means lower costs.

      3. Long service life: it is required to be safe for more than 10 years in normal use and proper storage; Accumulative power-on service time (life test: power off 1h, power on 2h) should be more than (2000h).

      4. Nanometer laboratory heating plate is easy to clean and has good abrasion resistance.

      Nanometer laboratory heating plate is widely used in laboratory heating plate with high safety system, including fixed safety circuit, overheating display and error display. A contact electronic thermometer can also be installed in the heating plate, which can achieve high precision temperature control effect. Based on the NanoHeat? The unique characteristics of heating technology enable the products to be ultra-thin, compact, fashionable and creative in design and application.

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