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Application and characteristic of constant temperature heating board
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:604
    • Magnetic agitator is widely used in colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, petroleum, chemical, medical and other units. At present, it can be divided into electric agitator and magnetic agitator.

      It is suitable for heating or stirring at the same time. It is suitable for liquid with low viscosity, or solid-liquid mixture USES the principle of magnetic field and whirlpool to put the liquid into the container. Add the agitator to the liquid at the same time; When the base generates a magnetic field, it drives the agitator to move in a circular circle, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid.

      Working principle:

      The main functions of the magnetic agitator driven by the magnetic agitator are as follows:

      General magnetic agitator has two functions: stirring and heating

      To make the reactants mix evenly, to make the temperature uniform,

      The second is to heat it in an airtight container to prevent it from boiling. For example, in the distillation process, zeolite can be added, or magnetic stirrer can be used.

      And the third effect is to speed up the reaction, or the rate of evaporation, and shorten the time.

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