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The heating plate shall be used at the specified voltage
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:514
    • The heating plate shall be used at the specified voltage

      The heating plate is an electric thermal alloy wire used as heating material, mica flexible plate used as insulation material, and wrapped with thin metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.) for heating equipment. Typical applications are electric thermos bottles. Metal tubular heating elements are cast in aluminum plates or plates or welded or embedded on aluminum plates or plates to form electric heating plates or plates of various shapes. Typical applications such as electric rice cooker, electric iron, electric coffee pot and so on.

      The installation of heating plate will directly affect the use of later equipment, so what should we pay attention to in the installation process?

      1. The contact surface installed on the heating plate shall be flat and free from concavity.

      2, the heating plate should be placed dry, avoid flooding to affect its insulation performance.

      3. Before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specification of heating element and whether the operating voltage is consistent.

      4. After installation, check the inner six pin bolts, wiring seat bolts and wiring bolts again to avoid the impact of thermal expansion and cold contraction on product life.

      5. The heating plate shall be used at the specified voltage.

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