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Principle of low temperature water bath and matters needing attention
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:510
    • Low temperature water bath tank can be used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instrument, physics, chemistry, biological engineering, medicine and health care, life science, light food, physical testing and chemical analysis and other research departments, institutions of higher learning, enterprises, qc and production department work for the user to provide a controlled hot cold, the temperature even constant field source, the test samples or products for constant temperature test or tests, as a direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling heat source or cold source.

      Principle of structure of low temperature water bath

      1, air - cooled fully enclosed compressor unit refrigeration, cooling speed. The refrigeration system has multiple protective devices such as over heat and over current.

      2. The low-temperature water bath is equipped with a circulating pump, which can lead the constant temperature liquid outside the tank to establish a second constant temperature field, and also serve as a cold source to lead the refrigerated liquid inside the tank to the test container outside the machine.

      3. The low-temperature constant temperature tank is small in size and compact in structure, which is suitable for operation on the table. The tank liner and chassis shell of the instrument are all made of stainless steel.

      4, the use of microcomputer intelligent control system. Touch the soft key to quickly set the temperature, easy to operate.

      5, microcomputer correction temperature measurement value deviation, digital display accuracy. It has an overtemperature alarm system.

      Precautions for low temperature water bath

      (1) liquid medium should be added before use

      (2) the power supply is 50HZ 220V, the power of the power supply should be greater than or equal to the total power of the instrument, and the power supply must have a good "grounding" device.

      (3) the instrument should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, with the back and sides 30mm away from obstacles.

      (4) after use, all switches should be in the state of shutdown, unplug the power plug.

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