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How to use magnetic agitator
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:442
    • Magnetic agitator is an instrument that makes use of the property that magnetic materials repel each other with the same polarity, and drives the magnetic agitator to rotate by constantly changing the polarity at both ends of the base, and then drives the sample to rotate by the magnetic agitator, so that the sample can be evenly mixed. Magnetic agitator is a modern term, a proper term for liquids that are not very viscous.

      Temperature controller panel description

      PV display (red) displays the measured value and various parameters according to the instrument state.

      SV display (green) displays the set value and various prompts according to the instrument state.

      AT self-setting indicator light (green) flashes when working. OUT heating indicator light (green) comes on when the heating plate is energized.

      ALM alarm lamp (red)(not used in this machine)SET function key parameter callout, parameter modification and confirmation.

      Use method of magnetic agitator

      First please check whether the random accessories are complete, then install the fixture, put the beaker in the center, add the solution. Add whisk. Follow these steps;

      1. Power on;

      2. Turn on the power switch;

      3, adjust the speed control knob, from slow to fast to the required speed, do not allow the high speed start, so as to avoid the mixer out of sync and jump;

      4. When heating is needed, turn on the heating switch and adjust the heating temperature;

      5. When temperature control is required, insert the temperature sensor plug into the socket behind the instrument, and the sensor probe into the test solution. Adjust the set temperature of the temperature controller to enter the automatic temperature control working state.

      Precautions when using

      1. If the agitator beats or does not stir, please cut off the power to check whether the bottom of the beaker is flat and the position is correct. Meanwhile, please measure it.

      2, heating time is generally not too long, intermittent use to extend life, do not heat when stirring

      3. Power consumption: the power socket shall be three-hole safety socket, which must be properly grounded.

      4. The instrument should be kept clean and dry. Solution should not be allowed to flow into the machine to avoid damage.

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