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Determination of Water Content in Petroleum Products~Distillation Method
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:461
      • Determination of Water Content in Petroleum Products~Distillation Method

        New type of microcrystalline nano heating jacket ~ integrated distillation device

        HMS-901H6 united

        - using NanoHeat world level heat technology-driven, no mechanical heating element can be dry, no electromagnetic interference and harm,

        - Nano ceramic heating element, superior far infrared radiation heating, no open flame, ultra-fast heating technology allows the surface temperature of the second to 5 ° C the speed is increased,

        - Germany SCHOTT ceramic ceramic domed cover, no leakage, no leakage, acid, alkali, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean,

        - using different containers: round, flat, irregular bottom can be heated; different capacity: 1ml ~ 20000ml a full solution !

        - has obtained CE certification, experiment more convenient and more secure! ! !

        It is widely used in all pre-treatment experiments that require distillation in various chemical laboratories such as environmental protection, disease control, food, water quality, soil, solid waste water production, water supply and drainage, universities, scientific research institutes, factories and mining enterprises.

        It is suitable for the distillation treatment of chemicals, volatile phenol, ammonia nitrogen, fluoride, sulfur dioxide, alcohol content, formaldehyde, COD , moisture in Kjeldahl nitrogen oil, etc.;

        Such as: the residue of sulfur dioxide and the distillation of formaldehyde and alcohol in the field of food testing;

        Distillation of volatile phenols, compounds, and ammonia nitrogen in water samples in environmental monitoring, water supply and drainage, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention;

        Distillation of fluoride and water in nitrogen oil in factories and mines, petroleum and chemical industries;

        HMS type integrated distillation device adopts intelligent automation design, nano-ceramic far-infrared radiation heating module, built-in automatic refrigeration and cooling water circulation device, no external tap water cooling, energy saving and consumption reduction; each heating module is independently controlled by temperature, PID microcomputer control, internal, The external sensor can be switched at any time, which can control the surface temperature of the heating jacket and the liquid temperature. The surface temperature can reach 450~500C °, and the liquid temperature can reach about 370 ° C . It has over-temperature protection function, over-temperature alarm function, timing, etc. Function; simple and safe operation, energy saving and environmental protection;

        Executive standard:

        Water quality determination of volatile phenols 4- aminoantipyrine spectrophotometric method ( HJ 503-2009 ) determination of
        water quality compounds volumetric method and spectrophotometric method ( HJ 484-2009 )
        water quality determination of ammonia nitrogen distillation - neutralization titration method ( HJ 537 -2009 ) Determination of
        Soil Compounds and Total Compounds Spectrophotometry ( HJ 745-2015 )
        Production Standard: General Technical Specification " Q/0102JST002-2015 "

        Product Features

        Nano ceramic heating element, super far-infrared radiation heating, no open flame

        German SCHOTT microcrystalline ceramic hemispherical jacket is evenly heated, does not leak liquid, and does not leak electricity

        Built-in automatic refrigeration and cooling water circulation return device, no external tap water cooling is required, energy saving and consumption reduction

        Over-temperature protection function, over-temperature alarm function, timing function

        Heating module output power: 600W

        Setting temperature control: room temperature 450

        Temperature control mode: LED digital display , PID intelligent control, free setting of temperature

        Temperature test: internal and external sensor temperature control

        Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1~ 0.5

        Module working size: table top 200×200mm , arc diameter 153mm , depth 60mm

        Technical parameters :


        HMS- 901H 6 -linking

        Voltage (VAC)

        220 V / 110 V


        50/60 Hz

        temperature range

        Board surface temperature: Ambient ~ 45 0 ℃, sample temperature: Ambient ~ 37 0

        Temperature control accuracy

        0 . 1~0.5

        time setting


        Maximum power

        6 00W

        Maximum capacity

        2L X6 hole can be customized

        Working board size

        Table top 200×200mm , arc diameter 153mm , depth 60mm

        Work panel material

        Microcrystalline ceramics

        Ambient temperature

        5 ~40

        environment humidity



        45 kg


        1360 × 650 × 45 0mm

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