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Precious metal purification-gold frying process (nano thermal energy rapid acid boiler)
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:473
      • NanoHeat Nano-heat energy rapid acid boiler

        Nano-heat energy rapid acid boiler

        NanoHeat is a world-class thermal energy technology with excellent quality and has won Asian Creative Awards successively! 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Industry and Technology Achievement Award, and 2008 Certificate of Excellence in Science and Technology Achievement Technical zhuanli more than 35 items! Product design more than 40 zhuanli! !

        HTL series nano thermal energy rapid acid boiler

        1. Natural marble casing, PTFE power cord and components, the whole machine is resistant to strong acids and alkalis;

        (1) Purpose:

        Nano thermal energy acid boiler is widely used in industrial manufacturing, agriculture, soil, environmental protection, food, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, and other experiments and laboratories. Can be used for sample heating, baking, digestion, acid chasing, etc.; especially for precious metal processing and purification-high temperature concentrated sulfuric acid fried gold (15 minutes to quickly boil pure acid 340 degrees)

        (2) Performance:

        HTL series nano thermal energy rapid acid boiler

        Nano thermal technology, no mechanical heating components, dry burning, no electromagnetic field interference and hazards, rapid heating, pure acid boiling only takes 15 minutes, different capacity can be solved in one furnace (beakers 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L are available) Improve work efficiency;

        Technical Parameters:

        ★Heating fabric: microcrystalline ceramic (German SCHOTT)

        ★Heating method: Nano thermal technology (no mechanical heating components)

        ★Power demand: 220-240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz

        ★Output power: 4000 watts

        ★ Product size: 300 (length) x300 (width) x300 (height) mm

        ★Heating furnace: 200 (length) x200 (width) x240 mm

        ★Temperature control range: room temperature -500℃

        ★Temperature control accuracy: +/-1℃

        ★Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-0.1℃

        ★Control system: Split PID intelligent control, 40℃ high-temperature red warning light reminder, when temperature reaches yellow warning light reminder;

        ★Time setting: 1min-999hR

        Product Features:

        ☆Diversified operation modes to meet the needs of different experiments.

        ☆Temperature accuracy is up to +/-0.1℃

        ☆Insulation setting is calculated at 1℃

        ☆The split design of heating module and control system, PID intelligent control system.

        ☆A variety of heating and insulation options are available for selection.

        ☆Driven by NanoHeat technology, it can be heated up to 5℃ in only 1 second, and it only takes 5 minutes to reach 500℃.

        ☆No mechanical components, no electromagnetic field interference and hazards, especially suitable for medical and laboratory use.

        ☆Energy saving, the power consumption in standby state is less than 1W.

        ☆Suitable for most utensils, glass, ceramics, metal, all are necessary.

        ☆Easy to use, controller key design, digital screen display, safety lock, timepiece function, and high temperature alarm prompt, convenient for users.

        ☆ Stylish and beautiful appearance, luxurious atmosphere.

        ☆Corrosion-resistant microcrystalline ceramic layer, easy to clean.

        (一) Technical index:

        project name

        Nano-heat energy rapid acid boiler

        Heating furnace size (material)

        (Heating area) 200*200*200 (microcrystalline ceramic)

        Set temperature


        Temperature controller

        Split temperature control system, intelligent PID control

        Temperature control accuracy


        time setting


        Operating Voltage


        heating power




        (二) Packing List

        configuration list


        1 station


        1 station


        1 support

        Power cable

        1 root

        user's Guide


        Certificate of conformity

        Warranty Card

        (3) After-sales service commitment

        1) Quality assurance: The manufacturer undertakes quality assurance of the equipment sold to protect the buyer’s rights from loss. If the equipment fails during the quality guarantee period, the instrument will be provided with free warranty service (non-human factors), and the warranty period is 12 months.

        2) Quality assurance service: Equipment within the warranty period can be provided with free repair service and free replacement of defective parts.

        3) Provide timely, prompt and high-quality services to buyers. A senior engineer hotline supports the buyer to troubleshoot on site. The manufacturer responds within 4 hours after receiving the relevant fault information, including oral guidance to eliminate the fault and other measures. If the fault cannot be eliminated, the manufacturer's personnel will be on site to solve the problem within 48 hours.

        4) The manufacturer provides long-term technical support and excellent after-sales service for the instrument; and conducts regular inspections and exchanges for free, 1-2 times per year.

        (4) After-sales service

        Shenzhen Boda Jingke Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

        Address: 5th Floor, Aoke Micro Building, No. 447, Donghai Road West, Yantian'ao, Yantian District, Shenzhen

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