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The embodiment of nanotechnology in the heating plate of nanometer laboratory
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:529
    • Nano science and technology is based on many modern advanced science and technology, science and technology, it is the modern science (physics, quantum mechanics and chaos of the mesoscopic physics and molecular biology) and modern technology, computer technology, microelectronics technology, analysis technology) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) combined with the product of nano science and technology and will trigger a series of new science and technology, for example: nano physics, biology, chemistry, nano electronics and nano processing technology and nano metrology, etc.

      And nanotechnology laboratory heating plate can provide different kinds of heating (high temperature) and warm (cold) requirements, and in many applications, can achieve higher energy efficiency, in use process, will not produce magnetic field interference, improve the environment for use, to the surrounding and no harm to human body, low resistance, can use the battery and dc power supply heat, the sun can use renewable energy can be used, the dynamic heat transfer, more than 99% of the energy efficiency, heat transfer, and static can reach more than 90% energy efficiency, compared with the electromagnetic heating - 75% - 85% - 65% - 75%, the metal radiant heat plate The multi-layer heating plate with nanometer thickness (1 meter =nm) element can be used to achieve the speed and energy heating function by using ac and dc power supply.

      An important index of vulcanizing machine heating is to ensure the temperature of each temperature zone of the machine, many silicone rubber products require the temperature cannot exceed ±5℃, otherwise, processed things may not be waste or defective. Electromagnetic heating is through the cylinder induction eddy current generated heat, this way makes the vulcanizing machine heating plate temperature distribution is not uniform, resulting in silicone rubber products vulcanization defect rate greatly increased, which undoubtedly increases manufacturing costs for manufacturers. Nanometer laboratory heating board technology has also made a fine improvement on this aspect, in the vulcanizing machine heating board installed an automatic constant temperature system, realize automatic temperature control, greatly improve the silicone rubber vulcanization quality.

      The heating plate of nanometer laboratory is specially designed for the energy-saving transformation of vulcanizing machine, with the power saving efficiency reaching over 50% and high thermal efficiency, and the overall energy saving reaching 60%-80%. This is mainly because the new nanometer electric heating adopts the new global zui electric heating technology, and combines with the high-tech heating control system to realize the energy saving of vulcanizing machine. At the same time, nanometer thermal insulation system is adopted to prevent heat emission and improve the utilization rate of heat energy.

      Electromagnetic heating control circuit board will often burn out, because of electromagnetic heating energy saving technology in energy-saving reconstruction with use of vulcanizing machine is not mature, the market is not ready to electronic control technology, using induction cooker control board application directly to the industrial requirements of vulcanizing machine installed on the machine is used, even some of the original do induction cooker manufacturers directly using the original induction cooker movement to use intact. Vulcanizing machine environment is the use of induction cooker for household appliances is more complicated, the heating technology is not suitable for vulcanizing machine transformation, nanometer technology laboratory heating plate after seven years of research, is zui conform to the energy-saving reform of the vulcanizing machine, the selection of raw materials is also using space level of materials, high temperature resistant, long service life. At the same time vulcanizing machine heating plate appearance only a few connection hole socket, heating is internal, not violence in the appearance, increase the safety performance.

      More information about nanometer laboratory heating board, welcome to continue to pay attention to the company for understanding!

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