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Laboratory nano heating plate technical solution
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:535
    • Laboratory nano heating plate technical solution

      NanoHeat, a laboratory nano-heating plate, is a world-class thermal technology with excellent quality and won the Asian Creative Award! 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Technology Achievement Award, and

      Certificate of Merit in Technology Achievements in 2008. More than 35 technical zhuanli! Product design zhuanli40 multiple! !

      HTL series laboratory nano heating plate


      Laboratory nano heating plates are widely used in experiments, laboratories such as agriculture, soil, environmental protection, food, research institutes, universities and colleges. Can be used for sample preparation, digestion, heating, baking, digestion, acid recovery, etc.


      Laboratory nano heating plate HTL-400EX

      Nano thermal energy technology, no mechanical heating components, dry burning, no electromagnetic field interference and hazard, extremely rapid temperature rise to 5 ° C, only 1 second, reaching 450 only takes 10 minutes, greatly improving work efficiency;

      Technical parameters: Model HTL-400EX

      ★ Heating fabric: microcrystalline ceramics (Schott, Germany)

      ★ Heating method: nano thermal technology (no mechanical heating components)

      ★ Power demand: 220-240 volt AC, 50/60 Hz

      ★ Output power: 2800 watts

      ★ Product size: 440 (long) x 340 (wide) x 70 (height) mm

      ★ Heating zone: 400 (long) x 300 (wide) mm

      ★ Temperature control range: room temperature -450 ° C

      ★ Temperature control accuracy: +/-1 °C

      ★ Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-0.1 °C

      ★Control system: Split-type PID intelligent program control, segmentation control, 40°C high temperature red warning light reminder, temperature reaches yellow warning light reminder;

      ★Time setting: 1min-24hR

      ★ Timing setting: The program control system can set the heating time of each segment, the constant temperature time, the time to reach the alarm function and the stop heating function;

      Product Features:

      ☆ Diversified operation modes to meet the needs of different experiments.

      ☆ Temperature accuracy up to +/-0.1 °C

      ☆Insulation setting is calculated at 1 °C

      ☆ Heating module and control system split design, PID intelligent control system.

      ☆ A variety of heating and insulation options are available.

      ☆Driven by NanoHeat technology, the speed is raised to 5 °C, only 1 second, reaching 450 °C in just 10 minutes.

      ☆No mechanical components, no electromagnetic interference and harm, especially suitable for medical and laboratory use.

      ☆Energy saving, the power consumption in standby state is less than 1W.

      ☆Applicable to most utensils, glass, ceramics, metal, all indispensable.

      ☆ Easy to use, controller button design, digital screen display, security lock, time meter function, and high temperature alarm prompts, convenient for users.

      ☆ Stylish and beautiful appearance, luxurious atmosphere.

      ☆ Anti-corrosion glass pottery layer, easy to clean.

      Technical indicators:

      Project Name HTL-400EX

      Workbench size (material)

      440*340 (microcrystalline ceramic)

      400*300 (heating zone)

      Design temperature RT-450°C

      Temperature controller Split type temperature control system, PID intelligent control

      Temperature control accuracy ±0.1 °C

      Time setting 1min~24hr

      Working voltage AC220V/50Hz

      Heating power 2.8KW

      Dimensions 440*340*70

      Packing List

      configuration list

      Host 1

      Thermostat 1

      Sensor 1

      Power cable 1

      user's manual

      1 serving

      Certificate of competency

      Warranty Card

      (3) After-sales service commitment

      1) Quality Assurance: The manufacturer undertakes quality assurance on the equipment sold to protect the buyer's rights and interests from loss. If the equipment fails during the warranty period, the instrument will be provided with a free warranty (non-human factor) with a warranty period of 12 months.

      2) Quality Assurance Service: If the equipment is not working properly due to corrosion of chemical substances during normal use, the equipment during the warranty period can be repaired free of charge and free of bad parts, or the motherboard can be replaced.

      3) Provide buyers with timely, prompt and quality services. A senior engineer's hotline supports the buyer's on-site troubleshooting. The manufacturer responds within 4 hours after receiving the relevant fault information, including oral guidance and troubleshooting. If the fault cannot be eliminated, the equipment will be returned to the factory for repair and the manufacturer will bear the corresponding expenses.

      4) The manufacturer provides technical support and excellent after-sales service for the instrument; and conducts regular inspections and exchanges free of charge, 1-2 times a year.

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