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How to choose a laboratory electric heating plate?
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:542
    • The electric heating plate used in the laboratory should be selected with high efficiency and energy saving. Because the sample should be taken in and out and the purity of the sample must be ensured, the safety and cleanliness must be paid attention to. Just the controller.
      1. Electric heating plate includes resistance wire heating plate, quartz tube heating plate, silicon carbide heating plate, etc .;
      2. The heating efficiency of the resistance wire heating plate is relatively low, the safety performance is poor, and fewer options are used;
      3. The heating efficiency of the quartz tube heating plate and silicon carbide heating plate is relatively high, but the quartz tube heating plate is vulnerable, so it is more appropriate to choose an efficient silicon carbide heating plate;
      4. When heating with silicon carbide heating plate, no volatile components appear in the heating cavity at all, and the cleanliness is excellent. In addition, the heating temperature of silicon carbide heating plate is high, and the heating temperature is relatively high. Therefore, its safety is also relatively high.
      To sum up, the choice of electric heating plates for laboratories should use high-efficiency and energy-saving electric heating plates. Pay attention to safety and cleanliness when used. Silicon carbide heating plates are ideal electric heating plates for laboratory use. , Just add a thermostat.
      Laboratory nano heating plates are widely used in experiments, laboratories, such as agriculture, soil, environmental protection, food, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities. Can be used for sample heating, baking, digestion, acid drive, etc.

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