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How does the constant temperature metal bath maintain the constant temperature effect during work?
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:660
    • The thermostatic metal bath uses a microcomputer-controlled metal bath device, which has high temperature control accuracy and good sample preparation parallelism. It can replace traditional water bath devices. It is widely used in bioengineering, cell culture, clinical experiments, genetic immunity, phytochemicals, sanitation and environmental protection, and factories. The trace samples in the enterprise laboratory are directly heated to a constant temperature.

      The principle of the thermostatic metal bath is the Peltier effect: when an N-type semiconductor and a P-type semiconductor form a galvanic couple, as long as a DC power supply is connected to the galvanic circuit, current will flow through the galvanic couple. Energy transfer occurs, dissipating heat (or absorbing heat) on one junction, and absorbing heat (or discharging heat) on the other junction on the contrary. If you want to work below room temperature, just adjust the direction of the current so that the aluminum block absorbs heat, and then use a radiator inside the device to remove the heat from the other side and blow it out with a fan. The thermostatic metal bath is different from the traditional thermostatic water bath in terms of heat conduction mode. The thermostatic water bath is a thermostatic instrument that uses water or ethanol as the medium and uses electric heating to make the medium reach the ideal constant temperature for constant temperature; The thermostatic metal bath is made of semiconductor material and achieves a thermostatic effect through electric heating.

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