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Advantages of microcrystalline ceramic nano heating magnetic stirrer
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:696
    • Advantages of microcrystalline ceramic magnetic heating plate:

      Microcrystalline ceramic magnetic heating plate Microcrystalline ceramic magnetic heating plate Microcrystalline ceramic nano heating magnetic stirrer

      HMS-901A Digital Display Heating Magnetic Stirrer

      product manual:

      -Using NanoHeat world-class thermal energy technology drive, no mechanical heating components, dry burning, no electromagnetic field interference and harm,

      -Ultra-fast heating technology can increase the temperature at a rate of 5 ° C per second, the surface temperature of the board is uniform, and the temperature difference is 1-3 ° C. The temperature difference of the liquid can be accurate to 0.1 ~ -0.5 ℃, and it only takes 8 minutes to heat up to 450 degrees.

      -LED display, can set the specified temperature, built-in temperature probe and external temperature probe, can be switched freely.

      -Over temperature alarm function, set temperature timer function, more convenient experiment

      -Germany SCHOTT microcrystalline ceramic plate surface, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning.

      -Stable mixing performance, using DC motor, low noise, long life, stable at low speed, strong at high speed;

      -Free from magnetic interference and hazards: making it a good choice for medical and laboratory use

      -Suitable for most appliances: glass, ceramic and metal utensils

      -Widely used in industrial, agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological and other experimental heating and stirring.

      Product Features;

      Heating output power: 800W

      Surface temperature control: room temperature to 450 ° C

      Temperature control mode: LED digital display temperature free setting

      Temperature test: built-in temperature control and external temperature control can be switched

      Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃

      Stirrer drive: ND servo motor, output power: 9W

      Speed range: 0 ~ 2000rpm

      Speed control: speed digital display, stepless speed regulation

      Maximum stirring amount: 10L

      Working size: 240 × 240mm

      Product dimensions: 370 × 130 × 240mm

      Gross weight: 6.7kg

      Surface material: German SCHOTT microcrystalline ceramics

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