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Brief description:Ceramic heating plate is a high temperature and long life heater. The modern industry has higher and higher working temperature requirements, and ceramic heaters can adapt.

Ceramic heating plate is a high temperature and long life heater. In modern industry, the higher the working temperature requirement, the ceramic heater can adapt, especially chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food and each. Pipe heating, etc.; ceramic joint heaters are made of spiral-type resistance wires through specially designed high-temperature ceramic tiles, which are precisely extended and bendable. The beautiful metal casing ceramic fibers form a thermal insulation layer.

The ceramic heating plate has the specifications of ring type and plate shape, and has reliable working life, long and durable, energy saving, and has the advantages of easy installation, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, good insulation, and no limitation on the size and size of the product. According to the user's demand wiring, the voltage from 36V, 110V, 180V, 220V, 380V, Zui high power load 6.5W per square, compared with the traditional electric heater energy consumption can be reduced by 30%.

Technical parameters of ceramic heating plate:

1. Diversified operation modes to meet the needs of different experiments.

2. Temperature accuracy is up to +/-1°C*.

3. The heat preservation setting is calculated at 1 °C, and the temperature control range is 30-90 °C*.

4. Temperature detection and display can be settled at 0.5 °C*.

5, 3 sections of firepower (high / medium / low power), a variety of insulation options, available for selection.

6. The ceramic heating plate is moved by the NanoHeat technology, and the temperature is raised to 5 °C at a very high speed, which takes only 1 second.

7, without electromagnetic field interference and hazard, especially suitable for medical and laboratory use.

8, save energy, standby power consumption is less than 1W.

9, ceramic heating plate is suitable for most of the utensils, glass, ceramics, metal, are indispensable.

10. Ceramic heating plate is easy to use. Light touch button design, LED indicator light, safety lock, timepiece function, and high temperature tips make it easy to use.

11, stylish, compact, easy to carry.

12, anti-corrosion glass ceramic panel, easy to clean.

13. It needs to be used with the external temperature detector supplied with it.


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