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HTL-801EX heating plate


Brief description:HTL-801EX heating plate NanoHeat high-efficiency thermal technology developed by High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., has won the 2009 Hong Kong Industrial Awards for Science and Technology Achievement Award, and the 2008 Science and Technology Achievement Certificate.

HTL-801EX heating plate

HTL-801 NanoHeat laboratory heating plate (basic type)

Laboratory heating plate NanoHeat laboratory dedicated heating plate uses the global* high-efficiency thermal technology NanoHeat, the quality is excellent. NanoHeat's high-efficiency thermal technology was developed by High-tech Materials Co., Ltd., and won the 2009 Hong Kong Awards for Technology Achievement Award and the 2008 Certificate of Excellence in Technology Achievement.

HTL-801EX heating plate technology and products

• Technology: NanoHeat is a world-class thermal technology that has won numerous awards. It not only provides extremely high temperature rise, high thermal energy density, but also can use AC, DC, and even renewable energy, fully in line with high energy efficiency. It does not contain mechanical components, no electromagnetic interference, and all kinds of vessels are used together. This technology has a wide range of applications, endowing an endless design space, and has achieved 31 and 37 product design applications.

• Design: 001095996-0001 (Europe)

ZL.9 ( China )

Laboratory heating plate product characteristics

• Diversified operating modes to match the needs of different experiments.

- 3 sections of firepower (high/medium/low power), a variety of insulation options, available for selection.

• It is heated by the NanoHeat technology and heated up to 5 °C in just one second.

• Contains no electromagnetic interference and hazards, especially for medical and laboratory use.

• Save energy and consume less than 1W of power in standby mode.

• Suitable for most vessels, glass, ceramics, and metal.

• Easy to use. Light touch button design, LED display light, security lock, timepiece function,

As well as high temperature tips, it is convenient for users.

• Stylish, slim and easy to carry.

• Corrosion-resistant glass ceramic panel for easy cleaning.

Product specifications

• Model: HTL-801

• Electricity demand: 220-240 volt AC, 50/60 Hz

• Output power: 1200 watts

• Size: 200 (width) x 230 (length) x 30 (height) mm

• Net weight: 1.15 kg

• CE certified, safe and reliable

• Made in Hong Kong


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