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High quality multipoint magnetic agitator


Brief description:Multipoint magnetic agitator is suitable for stirring or heating at the same time. It is suitable for liquids or solid-liquid mixtures with low viscosity.

Multipoint magnetic stirrer is produced by mixing impeller rotating vortex, soluble powder or liquid intake swirl and was quickly sucked into stirring impeller, the mixing impeller suction direction of impeller outer diameter with the impeller rotating centrifugal force will be different media in the form of radiation impact to the tank wall, liquid after the collision to the tank wall as the impluse force and increase circulation to be sucked back to the suction side of impeller, the impeller under the action of thrust stir constantly moving makes homogeneous reaction, mixing, dissolved, dispersed

Multipoint magnetic agitator is a laboratory instrument for liquid mixing. It is mainly used for stirring or heating at the same time to stir liquid or solid-liquid mixtures with low viscosity. Its basic principle is to use the magnetic field of the same repel, opposites attract principle, using magnetic field to push the magnetic agitator placed in the container for circular movement, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid. With the heating temperature control system, it can heat and control the sample temperature according to the specific experimental requirements, maintain the temperature conditions required by the experimental conditions, and ensure that the liquid mixture meets the experimental requirements.

If the agitator beats or does not stir when the multi-point magnetic stirrer is stirring, please cut off the power to check whether the bottom of the beaker is flat and the position is correct. Meanwhile, please measure it. The current voltage is between 220V±10V, otherwise the above situation will occur. Heating time should not be too long, intermittent use to extend life, do not stir when not heating. Medium speed operation can work for 8 hours continuously, high speed operation can work for 4 hours continuously, prevent violent vibration when working. Power consumption: the power socket should be three-hole safety socket, must be properly grounded. The instrument should be kept clean and dry. Solution should not be allowed to flow into the machine to avoid damage to the machine. When not working, the power should be cut off. Based on the principle of multi-point magnetic agitator, the magnetic agitator is driven to rotate by constantly changing the polarity at both ends of the base based on the property that magnetic substances repel each other like each other. The rotation of magnetic agitator drives the sample to rotate, so that the sample is evenly mixed.

Multipoint magnetic agitator is suitable for stirring or heating at the same time. It is suitable for liquids or solid-liquid mixtures with low viscosity. Using the principle of magnetic field and whirlpool, the liquid is put into the container, and the agitator is put into the liquid at the same time. When the magnetic field is generated in the base, the agitator is driven to move in a circular circle, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid. With the temperature control device, the sample temperature can be controlled and maintained according to specific experimental requirements, helping the experimenter set experimental conditions, which greatly improves the possibility of experimental repeatability.


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