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Multipoint constant temperature magnetic agitator maintenance


Brief description:The multipoint constant temperature magnetic agitator should be maintained during use

The multi-point constant temperature magnetic agitator should be maintained during use:

1. Place the test bottle (or other vessel) containing solution and agitator on the top plate of the working face. Adjust and calibrate the height and position of the fixture on the column when the fixture is needed, and install the clamp correctly.

2, connect the external power supply, adjust the speed knob, to the required speed.

3. Select the constant temperature one by one: insert the sensor into the solution, and SET the temperature: press SET to SET or check the temperature setting point. Press SET key digital tube character start flashing, said the instrument into the setting state, press delta key SET value increase, press Poland key SET value decrease, long press delta key or Poland key data will change quickly, adjust to the required temperature, press SET key again to return to the normal working state temperature setting.

The following parameters have been debugged in the factory, and will be adjusted if they cannot meet the requirements.

Press SET for 3 seconds to enter the inner parameter setting state.

E: when P=0, this parameter is the leading quantity of heating stop. When P is not equal to 0, the instrument is in intelligent PID working mode. When P is not equal to 0, E parameter is meaningless.

P: is the proportional band, that is, the proportional control value. The instrument is centered on the set value and P value is distributed on both sides of the set point. Within the range of P value, the instrument works in PID mode.

T: is the heating output cycle, that is, the operating cycle of the relay. Small T value has good control effect, but too small T value will reduce the service life of the relay due to frequent operation. Generally, T values are 20-60 seconds.

For ease of operation, the integral and differential times of the meter are designed to be hidden parameters with automatic default values.

4. Error correction: the displayed value can be corrected when it is confirmed that the value displayed by the instrument is not the correct measurement value. Press SET key 3 seconds into the instrument inner menu, * appear and flash parameters for E00 that is, and then press the SET key to appear and flash parameters that error correction parameters, with delta or Poland keys can modify this parameter. The range of error correction is from -9.9℃ to 9.9℃. After the correction is completed, press SET key to exit. When the instrument is manufactured, the modified value is 0.0. When using, it is necessary to prevent the correct instrument displayed from being corrected to incorrect.

5. After the work is finished, place the speed adjustment knob and temperature setting knob in the small position of zui, turn off the power switch and cut off the power.

6. Wipe the roof plate, column and fixture of the working face clean, no water droplets and dirt residues are allowed on it.

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