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Winter heating options
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:398
    • Electric heating board is a kind of equipment which USES electric thermal alloy wire as heating material, mica flexible board as insulation material, and outsourcing thin metal board (aluminum board, stainless steel board, etc.) for heating. Metal tubular heating elements are cast in aluminum plates or plates or welded or embedded in aluminum plates or plates to form electric heating plates or plates of various shapes. Typical applications include electric rice cooks, electric irons, electric coffee POTS and so on.

      In winter, with the improvement of people's living standards, heating methods are constantly changing, among which the mainstream heating methods are:

      1, air conditioning heating: air conditioning heating can be divided into single family and large central air conditioning heating, single family air conditioning heating is more suitable for the family without central heating, air conditioning advantage is convenient, fast, suitable for small houses. Large central air conditioning heating, mainly concentrated in large shopping malls, restaurants, etc., higher costs, ordinary people generally can not afford.

      2. Geothermal heating: geothermal heating is the most popular heating method in recent years. Different from other heating methods that use hot air or hot air to raise indoor temperature, the floor heating pipeline is installed under the ground decoration material, and the temperature rises from the bottom to the top, making it even and comfortable to use. Nevertheless, also because use range is not wide enough, consumer is bought in ground heating, safety and use still have a lot of doubt and error area.

      3. Electric heater for heating: this kind of electric heating is more targeted. To put it simply, it can be heated or cooled. Therefore, attention should be paid to safety, environmental protection and energy conservation. Purchase of electric heating products must be based on the actual use of the choice, short time local heating can choose infrared, electric heat pipe electric heater; Buy electric heating oil - tin radiators for long - term room heating.

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