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Ceramic heating plate can effectively avoid scald accidents
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:385
    • Ceramic heating plate can effectively avoid scald accidents

      Ceramic heating plate is a kind of high temperature and long life of the heater, the working temperature of the modern industry more and more high demand, can adapt to ceramic heating plate, especially chemical chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food and all kinds of heating pipe, ceramic heater joints by spiral wire through a specially designed high temperature resistant ceramic tile, precision extension, bendable, beautiful metal case ceramic fiber insulating layer, forming effective high temperature, high power density, band heater, and flexible design is convenient for installation. Compared with other similar products, ceramic heating plate has the following advantages:

      1, ceramic heating plate does not need a special thermostat and thermal resistance thermocouple for temperature feedback to control the heating heater, its temperature regulation is based on its own material characteristics, so that the product has a much longer life than other heaters.

      2, ceramic heating plate body design heating temperature below 200 degrees Celsius, under any circumstances, the body is not red and has a protective isolation layer, any application does not need asbestos and other heat insulation materials for cooling treatment, can rest assured that there is no problem of human body burns and fire.

      3. Comparing heating products of electric heat pipe and resistance wire, ceramic heating plate relies on the characteristics of the material itself and adjusts its thermal power output according to the change of environment temperature, so it can optimize and control the electric energy consumption of the heater in small zui, while the material with high heating efficiency also greatly improves the utilization efficiency of electric energy.

      In the process of using ceramic heating plate, we need to pay attention to the following requirements:

      1, ceramic heating plate non-waterproof structure, so storage and use of installation do not contact with oil, water, plastic particles, to prevent electricity leakage.

      2. The ceramic heating plate must be tightly fitted with the heated body during installation. The surface of the heated body should be flat and complete without any uneven phenomenon.

      3. If the surface of the ceramic heating plate is found to be charred black after use, it indicates that there is imbalance in heat dissipation between the heating and the heated body, and timely adjustment should be made to prevent burning through.

      4. When heating, avoid hard knock or collision with hard objects resulting in ceramic tile fracture, and the exposure of alloy resistance wire affects the operation life.

      5. Before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specification of ceramic heating plate and whether the operating voltage is consistent.

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