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Boda jingke will focus on the research and development of ceramic heating plate and other products
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:242
    • Boda jingke will focus on the research and development of ceramic heating plate and other products

      Boda jinke is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and application of advanced materials, and its research and development of new nanomaterials has won a number of product technology and international awards. According to manager liu, in 2015, boda precision technology co., ltd. and AME Hong Kong co., ltd. reached a major breakthrough in the application and research of heating technology based on existing technologies. The ceramic heating board of the company's products is driven by NanoHeat world class thermal energy technology, which has no mechanical heating components, can be dry-fired, and no electromagnetic field interference and harm. Its microcrystalline ceramic panel and precision aluminum alloy shell are integrated, which has the characteristics of beauty, fashion, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

      Ceramic heating plate can be widely used in food detection, electronic components inspection, agriculture, environmental protection, hydrology, soil testing testing, universities and colleges, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutes and other industries, is the sample heat dispelling, boiled, steamed, constant temperature and baking processing good assistant, can meet the unreasonable, chemistry, biology, environmental protection, pharmaceutical chemistry lab, components of the sample of different industries, such as reagent heating needs.

      Technical specifications of ceramic heating plate:

      1. Long life. It is required to be used safely for a long time under the condition of normal use and proper storage.

      2. High thermal efficiency, energy saving and low cost. The international trend is to increase the electric power of the electric heating plate to reduce the mass of the heat storage body, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the power without increasing the electricity consumption. With high power and small heat storage body, the thermal inertia is small. Therefore, the heating speed is fast, cooking or heating speed is fast, and the thermal efficiency is high. The electric energy consumption of users is reduced instead. For the manufacturer, smaller heat storage means lower costs.

      3. The temperature is adjustable. Ceramic heating plate surface temperature should be able to meet the requirements of different temperature.

      4. Ceramic heating plate is easy to clean and has good abrasion resistance.

      As a kind of modified and purified carbon crystal particle heating product, ceramic heating plate has been greatly improved and improved in heating uniformity, fire resistance, safety, weather resistance, electric heat conversion efficiency and infrared radiation rate, etc. Carbon crystal low-temperature radiant heating system makes full use of the excellent plane heating characteristics of carbon crystal electric heating plate. During heating, the whole plane heats up synchronously, providing continuous heating and achieving a good heat balance effect on the wall, which is better than other heating methods such as water heating, air conditioning and heating cable.

      At the present stage, boda jingke has spent a lot of time on product research and development. As for how to promote products in the future, Mr. Liu said he will start from two aspects. On the one hand, the promotion of the technical level, to continue to develop the application of new materials, innovative technology to attract attention in the industry, good product quality is the absolute principle. Mr. Liu revealed that the company participated in technical seminars, discussed with experts from universities, research institutes and academic fields, and conducted technical exchanges and communication with experts in various fields through the seminars to deepen everyone's understanding of boda fine arts. On the other hand, it relies on the traditional sales method, which is to promote the existing products, mainly online and offline. Offline is mainly to participate in exhibitions and other product launches to expand awareness.

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