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The following information needs to be checked after the arrival of ceramic heating plate
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:228
    • Ceramic heating plate can be divided into two kinds, one kind is PTC ceramic heater, additionally one kind is MCH ceramic heating element, both in product just finished product similar to ceramic material, thus is referred to as "ceramic heating elements", but whatever the heating plate, are all have heat distribution, the characteristics of heat conductivity, using the process can ensure the hot surface temperature uniformity, eliminates the equipment of hot and cold spots.

      Ceramic heating plate applies to all electric heating equipment, widely used in electric warming table dryers, vacuum molding machine, coating machine, food, paint curing furnace, car built in molding machine, printing ink drying furnace, circuit board radiation heating heating, kitchen utensils and appliances, pet heat, sweat evaporate room heating disinfection and far-infrared physiotherapy instrument industries, etc.

      The selection of ceramic heating plates should be conducted in accordance with relevant standards. Products suitable for you should be selected. Please pay attention to the following requirements:

      1, the choose and buy the products of the famous enterprises, these enterprises better product quality, with reliable service protection, product the arrival of the goods need to check the product identification, product specification, type and trademark should be consistent with the specification, shall have the national compulsory certification marks (3 c), the name of the manufacturing enterprise, the product the factory inspection certificates, implement standard code and other information.

      2, the use of the heating room, should have a certain insulation conditions, should not be too large vent, use should not open doors and Windows, so as to avoid excessive heat loss. Do not allow water and other liquids to run over the heater, which can cause heating element damage, short circuits and leakage. If direct directional heating of human body or local space is required, radiant heater can be selected; if the whole indoor space needs to be heated, convection heater can be selected.

      3. Bath bar with tungsten filament bulb (or alloy heating wire) as heat source, quartz tube heater and halogen tube heater are visible radiant heaters, which produce bright and bright light and cause unnecessary light pollution during work, affecting sleep at night, and should not be used in the bedroom; Because quartz, halogen glass tube is heated when encountering cold water easy to burst, it should not be used in the bathroom.

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