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Magnetic stirrer should buy according to oneself actual circumstance
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:212
    • Magnetic stirrer should buy according to oneself actual circumstance

      Magnetic stirrer is used for liquid mixture of laboratory instruments, mainly used for mixing or heating and mixing of low viscosity liquid or solid-liquid mixture, its basic principle is to use the principle of the magnetic field is the same, opposites attract, using magnetic drive placed in a container with a magnetic stirring for circular operation, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid.

      The purchase of magnetic agitator should be based on our own actual needs, so how should we choose magnetic agitator according to our own needs?

      1. If only normal temperature stirring is required, choose a simple magnetic stirrer with stirring function;

      2. At the same time, stirring and heating are required, and the temperature requirement is not very strict, so standard heating magnetic agitator should be selected;

      3. If it is necessary to display the temperature in real time during the working process, select the digital display temperature heating magnetic agitator;

      4. If you need to set the working time, you can stop the work when the time is up.

      5. If the stirring liquid capacity is large, a large-capacity magnetic stirrer should be selected. The stirring capacity of conventional magnetic stirrer is generally below 2000mL;

      6. If the real-time speed is required to be displayed in the process of work, the digital speed display heating magnetic agitator will be selected. However, the price of the instrument will be greatly increased with this speed display function.

      Magnetic agitator adopts NanoHeat nano-thermal energy technology, no mechanical heating components, dry burning, no electromagnetic field interference and harm, extremely rapid heating to 5, only 1 second, 4 minutes temperature reaches 400, microcrystalline ceramic board and seikong aluminum alloy shell integrated, beautiful fashion, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning.

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