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The operation after the use of electric magnetic stirring sleeve
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:201
    • The operation after the use of electric magnetic stirring sleeve

      In the process of using magnetic stirring electric heat sleeve, we need to pay attention to the following points to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, among which:

      1. In order to ensure the safe use of magnetic stirring electric heating sleeve, please keep the grounding wire, and do not allow empty heating or dry heating.

      2, wet hands, liquid overflow, or long-term exposure to excessive humidity under the condition of leakage phenomenon, should be timely drying or natural drying before use, to avoid risk.

      3. The temperature of the heating part of the magnetic stirring electric heating set is relatively high, so care should be taken to avoid scalding. At the end of the high-temperature heating, please turn off the heating and wait for a few minutes for the remaining temperature to dissipate before turning off the stirring.

      4. Over 3000ml electric heating sleeve has squeak when using -- squeak is related to different furnace wire structure and thyristor voltage regulating pulse signal, which can be safely used.

      5. When the liquid spills into the sleeve, please turn off the power quickly and put the electric heating sleeve in the ventilation place. It can only be used after it is dry, so as to avoid the risk of electric leakage or electrical short circuit.

      6. When it is not in use for a long time, please keep the electric heating cover in a dry place without corrosive gas. When the environmental humidity is too high, inductive electricity may be transmitted to the shell through the insulation layer.

      7, * the use of magnetic stirring electric heat cover, white smoke and odor inside the cover, the color from white to brown to white is a normal phenomenon, because glass fiber in the production process contains oil and other compounds, should be placed in a ventilated place, a few minutes after the disappearance of normal use.

      8, to extend the use of magnetic stirring electric jacket, all of the magnetic stirrer motor with fan cooling function, cause the heating experiment, especially high temperature heating test, the instrument can't do the heating use, service dispatch motor to rotate or medium speed rotating state (or idle), in order to prevent the motor, electric appliance damaged by high temperature and radiation. If the motor cannot be started to rotate, it should be repaired by the dealer in time. Otherwise, it will not be responsible for the damage or loss caused by the operation not in accordance with the requirements.

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