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The heating plate should be used at the specified voltage
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:213
    • The heating plate should be used at the specified voltage

      The electric heating plate is specially designed for the laboratory, which is a good helper for sample heating digestion, boiling and acid evaporation, and can meet the needs of chemical laboratories in different industries such as physics, chemistry, biology, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, teaching and scientific research. The electric heating plate can raise the temperature to a rated stage in a very short time after being electrified, and has a considerable thermostatic effect after being equipped with insulation device. In the process of heating, more heat is lost than effectively converted, which is a waste of resources. Therefore, we do not advocate other heating methods. Although the process from production to production is seemingly simple, some details are very strict, without any careless, or it will affect the rated power and service life of the heating plate, especially the installation:

      1. The contact surface at the installed position of the electric heating plate shall be flat and free from concavity.

      2. The electric heating board should be placed dry and avoid soaking to affect its insulation performance.

      3. Before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specification of heating element and whether the operating voltage is consistent.

      4. After installation, check the inner six pin bolts, wiring seat bolts and wiring bolts again to avoid the impact of thermal expansion and cold contraction on product life.

      5. The electric heating plate shall be used at the specified voltage.

      6. Do not touch the hot plate directly by hand to avoid burns.

      7, long period of unnecessary or travel, please cut off the power.

      8, when the need to change the guarantee tube of the electric heating plate, please be sure to remove the power plug before the change, so as to avoid CLP danger.

      More information about electric heating plate, welcome to continue to pay attention to our company!

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