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What are the outstanding innovations in the design of electric heating plates
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:207
    • What are the outstanding innovations in the design of electric heating plates

      The electric plate, when energized, can raise the temperature to a rated stage in a very short time. In addition, it has a considerable constant temperature effect after being equipped with an insulation device, while other heating methods lose more heat in the heating process than the heat effectively converted, which is a waste of resources. Therefore, we do not advocate other heating methods.

      1. The surface temperature of the electric heating board shall be able to meet the requirements of various operating temperatures. For example, boiling and boiling cooking requires a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, while frying requires 140 degrees Celsius. 180 degrees Celsius. If it is too low, it cannot reach the requirement of frying the food until it is brown. If it is too high, the cooking oil will be easy to carbonize. Therefore, the board temperature zui should be adjusted within the range of 120-350 degrees Celsius.

      2. The international trend is to increase the electric power of the electric heating plate to reduce the mass of the heat storage body, so as to increase the power without increasing the electricity consumption. High power, small heat storage body, small thermal inertia, so fast heating, cooking or heating speed, high thermal efficiency, the user consumption of electricity is reduced. For manufacturers, the reduction of heat storage means lower costs.

      3. Under the condition of normal use and proper storage, it shall be safe for more than 10 years, and the accumulative power usage time (life test: power cut for 2h, power supply for 1h) shall be more than 2000h.

      4. In order to meet the above requirements, the heating plate must be designed as a combination of several heating elements for power adjustment through switches. We can determine the power and power distribution of the heating plate according to the curve and the required temperature, or choose the load and determine the power according to the curve to calculate the size needed for the plate surface.

      To ensure that the heat generated by the heating wire is transferred to the plate faster than c-shaped steel, the plate body of the heating plate is often made of cast steel with ribs. On the one hand, the role of the frame is to strengthen the thermal strength of the electric heating plate, so that it is not easy to deformation; It is more important to increase the heat conduction between the spiral heating wire and the uniformity of the surface temperature. The orientation of the frame should take into account the number and parameters of the brick electromechanical thermal elements. In order to ensure adequate electrical insulation performance, to ensure that certain insulating layer thickness, the width of the slot between the ribs should have certain requirements, from the current quality of insulating thermal conductive materials, with 1.5 mm thickness is enough, but considering the error to the drum manufacturing process and the influence of roughness, groove with 2 mm thickness is suitable for small zui.

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