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Electric heating plate should be fully prepared before operation
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:499
    • Electric heating plate should be fully prepared before operation

      The electrothermal plate USES electrothermal alloy wire as heating material and mica soft plate as insulation material. The outer layer is covered with thermal conductivity plate of stainless steel and other materials. The electrothermal plate is mostly flat and thin plate-like design with simple structure and uniform heat dissipation, which is easy to install and use. Electric heating plate is made of stainless steel, ceramics and other material as the outer shell, electricity thermal bonding wire was closed in the interior of the electric heating plate, so as the enclosed heating, heating the halogen-light, no peculiar smell, security is good, suitable for all kinds of work environment, the advantages of electric heating plate is numerous, therefore has a widespread application in the production and living, from the common ground heating, electric heating water bottle, environment temperature to keep to the laboratory experiment, involve the use of electric heating plate, has been widely used in industry, agriculture, civil, defense, science and technology and medical and health care and other fields.

      The electrothermal plate is made of stainless steel, ceramic and other materials as the outer shell. The electrothermal alloy wire is enclosed in the interior of the electrothermal plate. Therefore, it is enclosed for heating. The heating material of the electrothermal plate is electrothermal alloy wire. Its working principle is very simple, which is the basic electrothermal effect. When the electric heating plate works, the electric current passes through the electrothermal alloy wire, which will generate heat, convert electric energy into heat energy, and conduct it to the outer shell. The stainless steel electric heating board is designed with insulation material to ensure that the current of the electrothermal alloy wire will not cause safety hazards.

      In order to ensure the efficiency of the heating plate, we need to make the following preparations before operating the heating plate:

      1. Wipe the heating plate working face with a towel first, and do not have water droplets or dirt on it.

      2. Place sample beakers or other utensils.

      3, turn on the power, close the power switch. The indicator is on, and the stainless steel electrothermal plate is in working state.

      4, adjust the temperature knob, rise to the required temperature, stainless steel heating plate in the working state should be taken care of.

      5. When the electric heating plate is finished, turn off the power switch and cut off the power.

      6. Clean up the working face after it cools down.

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