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The operator of magnetic stirring electric sleeve should be trained
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:489
    • The operator of magnetic stirring electric sleeve should be trained

      Magnetic stirring electric magnetic field is the use of the principle of the same, opposites attract, using magnetic drive placed in a container with a magnetic stirring for circular operation, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring liquid, heating temperature control system, can according to the requirements of the specific experiments heating and temperature control sample, temperature conditions necessary to sustain the experimental condition, ensure the liquid mixed experimental requirements, can be widely used in various large and medium-sized institutions, environmental protection, scientific research and sanitation, epidemic prevention, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical and other units.

      In order to ensure the safety of use, operators should pay attention to the following requirements during the use of magnetic stirring electric heat sleeve.

      1. Magnetic stirring electric heat sleeve shall not be used for stirring explosive substances in dangerous environment or underwater operating instruments.

      2. Magnetic stirring electric heat set shall not be used for indoor treatment of media with explosion risk, and the instrument shall be placed on the table of non-combustible or fireproof.

      3. The magnetic stirring electrothermal sleeve shall ensure that only the personnel with relevant training can use the instrument.

      4. Do not touch the chassis with the power cord of the magnetic agitator.

      5. Wear appropriate protective equipment according to the type of treatment medium.

      6. When heated and cooled, a slight sound may be made as a result of the expansion of matter.

      7. The influence of magnetic field on the surrounding environment, such as data storage and cardiac pacemaker, shall be considered when using magnetic stirring electric heat sleeve.

      8. The dish surface temperature zui can reach several hundred degrees Celsius when the magnetic stirring electric heating set works. Be careful to burn when touching the shell and dish surface of the instrument.

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