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Boda jinke was unveiled in China Lab with nano heating plate
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:450
    •   February 21-23, 2017, guangzhou international exhibition on analysis test and laboratory equipment and technology seminar (China Lab) poly world trade exhibition center successfully held in guangzhou, the exhibition with laboratory instruments, reagents and consumables as the core, for professionals in the field of laboratory provides a publicity, trade, exchange, the study of the interactive platform. Shenzhen boda jingke biotechnology co., LTD. With many star products appeared in China Lab, company chief liu jinghe accepted the exclusive interview.


      Boda spermatology general liu jinghe accepts this net exclusive interview

        Boda jinke is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and application of advanced materials, and its research and development of new nanomaterials has won a number of product technology and international awards. According to manager liu, in 2015, boda precision technology co., ltd. and AME Hong Kong co., ltd. reached a major breakthrough in the application and research of heating technology based on existing technologies.


      Hl-200dc portable heating board

        Products on display in this exhibition include special electric heating board, nano heating board and magnetic stirrer. The HTL - 200 dc portable heating plate is suitable for outdoor emergency to carry out the field experiments, the power supply with 12 v battery or car 12 v supply, it adopts NanoHeat heat energy technology-driven world level, no mechanical heating components, can be dry, no electromagnetic interference and harm, the microcrystalline ceramic panel and seiko aluminum alloy shell combined with an organic whole, have beautiful fashion, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, etc.

        Htl-500ex NanoHeat laboratory nanoheating plates


      Htl-500ex NanoHeat laboratory nanoheating plates


      The nanometer heating plate of hl-500ex NanoHeat laboratory rapidly heats up to 5 in only 1 second, and the temperature reaches 400 in 4 minutes. NanoHeat is a world-class thermal energy technology with excellent quality. It has won several awards, including the 2009 Hong Kong industry award for technological achievement, and the certificate of merit of scientific and technological achievements in 2008. More than 35 technologies, more than 40 product designs. Multiple operational modes for the product, we can cooperate with various experimental requirements. In addition, it is equipped with built-in and external dual temperature detector, which can be switched over at any time. Its heating plate and control system are designed in a separate style, and the control system can be placed outside the fume hood to ensure the safety of operators and avoid the damage of corrosive gases to the control system.

      When it comes to applications, the heating plate can be widely used in food detection, electronics, agricultural products detection, soil testing, environmental protection, hydrology, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises and scientific research institutes and other industries, is the sample heating digestion, boiled, steamed, constant temperature and baking processing good assistant, can meet the unreasonable, chemistry, biology, environmental protection, pharmaceutical chemical laboratory of different industries, components of the sample, reagent, such as the need of heating, it has no mechanical form, no electromagnetic interference and damage, especially suitable for medical and laboratory use.

      At the present stage, boda jingke has spent a lot of time on product research and development. As for how to promote products in the future, Mr. Liu said he will start from two aspects. On the one hand, the promotion of the technical level, to continue to develop the application of new materials, innovative technology to attract attention in the industry, good product quality is the absolute principle. Mr. Liu revealed that the company participated in technical seminars, discussed with experts from universities, research institutes and academic fields, and conducted technical exchanges and communication with experts in various fields through the seminars to deepen everyone's understanding of boda fine arts. On the other hand, it relies on the traditional sales method, which is to promote the existing products, mainly online and offline. Offline is mainly to participate in exhibitions and other product launches to expand awareness.

      She promote the development of innovation and industrialization of nano technology, advocating energy conservation and environmental protection of new energy is the mission of the company, in the next development will continue to put more effort into product research and development, in the hope that each stage has different technical innovation and new products to meet the needs of the market, through the push force makes the enterprise to the benign development path, at the same time will also continue to attend China Lab similar this kind of exhibition to expand and essence of popularity, let everybody know more about the brand and its products.

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