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Three indicators for the selection of heating plates for laboratory use
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:510
    • Requirements for operating temperature of electric heating plate used in laboratory

      The electric heating board is specially designed for the laboratory. It is a good helper for sample heating and digestion, boiling, and acid steaming. It can meet the needs of chemical laboratories in different industries such as physics, chemistry, biology, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, teaching, scientific research and so on. In the process of using the electric heating plate in the laboratory, the equipment may break down due to various reasons, among which the common ones are:

      1, the color of the table: 1) the color is darker because high temperature use so that coating crystal reorganization, does not affect the use.

      2) the reason why the color becomes white is that the ultra-high temperature will degrade the pigment, which will not affect the use (it is recommended to work within a safe temperature range).

      2. Surface coating detachment: the surface of electrothermal plate used in the laboratory is a scratch resistant coating. If it is scratched, the base material will be corroded and the anticorrosive coating will be detached.

      3, the display of the electric heating plate in the laboratory beat: check whether the ground wire of the power socket is in good contact, if the contact is good, turn on the power after 1 minute, if abnormal, check whether there is a strong interference source around.

      4. High temperature and large temperature difference between low point when working: this phenomenon usually appears on EH20 series electric heating plates, mainly because the use temperature has reached the product protection temperature and the protector has already worked. At this time, the phenomenon can be removed if the set temperature is adjusted to the required product use temperature range.

      In order to reduce the failure rate of laboratory heating plates, attention should be paid to:

      1. Attention must be paid to the use of the electric heating plate in the laboratory. Its continuous operating temperature should be less than 240, and the instantaneous operating temperature should not exceed 300.

      2. Silica gel electrothermal device can work under pressure. That is to say, auxiliary pressing plate can make it close to the heated surface. At this time, heat conduction is good, and its power density can reach 3W/cm2 when the working area temperature does not exceed 240.

      3. In the case of air dry burning condition, the power density should be less than 1W/cm2 due to the temperature resistance of the material; Under non-continuous operating conditions, the power density can reach 1.4w /cm2.

      4. The working voltage is selected according to the principle of high power - high voltage, low power - low voltage, and special needs can be listed

      5. The electric heating plate used in the laboratory must use a power supply consistent with the requirements of the instrument. The power outlet should use a three-hole safety socket and install the ground wire.

      6. During the use of the electric heating plate in the laboratory, the heating medium shall be prevented from spilling out of the vessel and flowing into the box to damage the electrical appliances. If there is any fault in the use of the electric heating plate in the laboratory, the power shall be cut off for maintenance.

      If you want to know more about the electric heating board in the laboratory, please continue to pay attention to our company!

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