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Htl-901ex heating board has a variety of insulation options available
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:553
    • Htl-901ex heating board has a variety of insulation options available

      Hl-901ex heating plate is widely used in laboratory heating plate with high safety system, including fixed safety circuit, overheating display and error display. A contact electronic thermometer can also be installed in the heating plate, which can achieve high precision temperature control effect. Based on the NanoHeat? The unique characteristics of heating technology enable the products to be ultra-thin, compact, fashionable and creative in design and application.

      At present, there are four main types of heating plates on the market, which are: thin shell type, cast plate type, tubular element type and tubular element cast plate type, among which:

      1. Thin shell heating plate: thin shell electric heating plate is embedded with spiral electric heating wire in the shell formed by metal sheet stamping. Between the spiral electric heating wire and the metal shell is filled with thermal conductivity and insulation filler. This kind of metal thin shell type structure is simple, the price is cheap, but the plate surface is easy to deform, after long time use the thermal efficiency has the decline phenomenon, therefore generally makes the 800W below the small power electric heating plate.

      2. Tubular element cast plate heating plate: the tubular element cast plate heating plate is a complete heating plate made of si-al alloy or si-cu alloy after bending into the shape of 1 ~ 5 rings with common metal tubular heating element. Compared with tubular element heating plate, it has larger effective heat transfer surface with the bottom of the pot, great mechanical strength, long life and high thermal efficiency, especially suitable for ships, vehicles and other vibration environment. At present, most domestic and foreign electric rice cookers adopt this structure.

      3. Cast plate heating plate: the structure of cast plate heating plate is the same as that of thin shell heating plate, except that the plate surface is a metal casting piece, so the strength is large and the plate surface is not easy to deform. At present, most of China adopts this structure. Tubular element heating plate is a heating plate formed by bending the tubular metal heating element into a plane spiral involute. This kind of tubular metal heating element is a semicircular section with a flat surface. Such a section makes there is a larger heat transfer surface between the heating plate and the bottom of the cooking pot to improve the rate.

      Describe the product advantages and features of hl-901ex heating plate:

      1. The operation modes of hl-901ex heating plate are diversified to meet the needs of different experiments.

      2. The accuracy of temperature is up to +/-1*.

      3. The insulation setting is calculated at 1, and the temperature control range is 30-90*.

      4. Temperature detection and display can be calculated at 0.5 *.

      5, 3 section firepower (high/medium/low power), a variety of insulation options, optional.

      More information about htl-901ex heating board, welcome to continue to pay attention to the company!

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