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Reference parameters for laboratory heating plates
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:669
    • With the improving of the performance and improve the function, the laboratory with the heating plate has been widely applied to various kinds of test in laboratory, with a high degree of security systems, including fixed safety circuit, overheat and error display, in addition, the heating plate can also be device is a non-contact electronic thermometer, can achieve high precision temperature control effect, functional, safety and durability of the three characteristics.

      At present, there are many manufacturers producing and selling laboratory heating plates in the market. Faced with such a large number of products, purchasers should have a basic understanding of the parameters of laboratory heating plates before purchasing. Generally speaking, we need to focus on the following three factors when purchasing laboratory heating plates:

      1, all warm, is an important parameter, laboratory with the heating plate zui laboratory with the mean temperature of the heating plate sex refers to the heating temperature display to set temperature, the temperature distribution on the panel of uniformity, temperature zui high and zui low temperature difference, this is with the heating plate surface measuring laboratory material and an important index of heating system performance.

      2, resolution: that is to read, that is to show you the temperature value to the decimal, is an important indicator to measure the display control ability of the heating plate, the general heating plate is 1, that is, the whole number display, more precise degree can be up to 0.1.

      3. Sensor temperature control: refers to the control ability of the internal temperature control system of the heating plate. When the heating plate reaches the set temperature, the error range is one of the indexes to measure the heating system performance of the heating plate, just like the temperature uniformity of the heating plate.

      In addition to the above three points, laboratory with other conventional heating plate parameters, such as: heating panel material, temperature control range, the panel size and we need to pay attention to when the choose and buy, such as, the user can according to actual experimental requirements, such as requiring corrosion, optional aluminum alloy panels, which requires the conductive optional ceramic panel and so on.

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