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Boda jingke biotechnology co., LTD. Participated in the 2016 Munich Shanghai analytical test exhibition
  • Release date:2022-06-28      Views:677
    • Shenzhen boda jinke biotechnology co., LTD., a manufacturer of electric heating plates for research and development laboratories, will participate in the 2016 Munich Shanghai analytical biochemistry exhibition with booth no. N3.3609. Welcome new and old customers to visit the booth to understand the company's products!

      Name of exhibition: analytica China, Munich, Oct. 10-12, 2016, 9:00-17:00, venue: hall N1, N2 and N3, Shanghai new international expo center

      Description of the exhibition:

      AnalyticaChina, an international exhibition in the field of analytical and biochemical technologies, is dedicated to the rapidly growing Chinese market. With analytica's international brand, analyticaChina attracts companies from major industrial countries in the fields of analysis, diagnostics, laboratory technology and biotechnology. After successfully held since 2002, analyticaChina has become zui big Asian analysis, laboratory technology and biological technology in the field of professional expo, held every two years, is the industry leader in enterprise comprehensive display zui new technologies, products and solutions of zui better platform, this is also the exhibition attracts more and more the key to the exhibitors and visitors. The analyticaChina international seminar and seminar held at the same time are also the focus of attention of the industry insiders. It focuses on the development of the whole industry and is an ideal platform for the mutual transmission of science and technology and industry technology.

      The 8th Munich Shanghai analyticaChina2016 will be held in Shanghai new international expo center from October 10-12, 2016. There will be four exhibition areas, including biotechnology, life science and diagnostics. Analysis and quality control exhibition area; Laboratory equipment and technology exhibition area; Food safety equipment and technology exhibition area. The exhibition area distribution is further refined, aiming to provide a better platform for more extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation between industry enterprises and users.

      High-level seminars and workshops have always been one of the highlights of the Munich Shanghai analytical biochemistry exhibition! In addition to past the acclaimed Shanghai international food safety seminars, symposium on "omics and individualized treatment, LSAC life technology BBS, etc, in 2016 will also be on the basis of the original class, add more biological medicine, laboratory techniques, etc. Series of workshops, stick to the rapid development of the Chinese market, promote tied to every link of production, study and research, to better serve the exhibitors and spectators.


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